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Rapper/Singer “Eazzy”, real name Mildred Ashong, who represented Ghana in the ongoing ‘Big Brother StarGame’, has vehemently denied ever having sex with her boyfriend Keitta in the reality show, contrary to reports that the two bonked under the sheets perhaps in a desperate move to attract votes to save them from possible eviction.

The sultry singer was somewhat taken aback when Peacefmonline.com Entertainment Reporter, Eugene Osafo-Nkansah, sought to find out from her why she decided to have sex in the full glare of the BBA cameras and under the watchful eyes of Africa.

A shocked “Eazzy”, in her first interview after her dramatic eviction from the reality show, was emphatic that she never had sex in the house.

According to her, even her fellow housemates in Downville used to tease them that eventhough they entered the competition as a couple, they seems to be no form of sexual intimacy between them.

But excerpts of a video, downloaded from the internet, shows Keitta on top of Eazzy with her legs spread open in the missionary position, enjoying a passionate ‘French Kiss’ while caressing and fondling. The young man’s waist is moving up and down several times, making viewers believe he was humping his lady.

However, Eazzy, who claims she had not seen the video footage but insists it is “definitely not sexual intercourse”, offers some form of an explanation.

“That video you see on the internet; we were making-out and not making love. I will not lie about it because I have the right to make love with my boyfriend. And if I had sex, I will say it. After all, he is my boyfriend. But we never had sex!” she said.

Admittedly, the singer said she did have an orgasm simply because it was the kind of making-out where your partner lies on you and moves in an intimate and sexual manner.

“He (Keitta) was in his boxers and I was in my night gown and panties. I was never naked at any point in the Big Brother house not even under the sheets or in the bathroom because we were not sure where the camera was. We were making-out and it was not sex and I can swear to God on my life that we never had sex,” Mildred a k a Eazzy stated.

The only official lovers in the contest, Eazzy, 25 and Keitta, 22 were in the Downville House of the Big Brother StarGame competing with other nationals for the $300,000 cash prize. Keitta was ‘upgraded’ to the Upville House after Sunday’s live eviction show and is therefore still in the competition for the money, but Eazzy was booted out.

The “Wengeze” hit maker apologized to the whole of Africa for her refusal to appear on the live eviction stage on Sunday, pointing out that she had very good reasons for doing so. According to her, she took that decision with the express approval of her boyfriend, Keitta, but is very sorry “if it didn’t go down well with some viewers across Africa”.

“May be it was a bad decision for me not to have gone on stage but there’s a reason. Before I got into the house I said I was going to buy my own hair (weave) but they promised that I will have whatever hair I wanted, made available to me any time…and so all through the three weeks I kept reminding them that I needed my hair and they assured me that my hair was ready and it was going to be fixed. I didn’t want to come back home looking like this, of because I have an image to protect back home in Ghana,” she elucidated.

She recounted that on the morning of the eviction show, hair stylists were brought in the house to fix the hair of all the nominees, but alas the “Brazilian” weave she requested for was not available.

“They said because of technical reasons I can’t have my (Brazilian) hair and as human as I am and with all the stress in the house, I flared…as to why they promised to give me the hair and they couldn’t fulfill their promise. If I knew they were not going to get me my hair I would have brought my own (down from Ghana). So why is it that everybody else can have their hair fixed but i can’t have mine (done)?” she quizzed.

She added that though her decision might appear stupid on the surface, she acted out that way because she felt slighted, disappointed and sidelined “because a lot of things go on in the Big Brother that the people watching do not see and might not understand. The hair dressers suggested that i trim my natural hair but I said I do not want to cut my hair and I cannot go onstage looking like this. So they said they were going to sort it out and they are going to get back to me.”

According to her, as the eviction time kept drawing closer she began screaming in the house “I am not joking Big Brother, if you don’t fix my hair I am not going on stage” just to draw their attention to the fact that her hair had still not been done, but it was to no avail.

Eazzy, who was evicted on Sunday May 3, 2012 together with sisters Edith and Eve from Botswana, disclosed that it was obvious Keitta was going to be upgraded and therefore said her goodbye to the boyfriend in the Downville house.

“Honestly, we both knew that Keitta was going to Upville so he and I had a heart to heart talk about everything that possibly could happen in Upville. We both got emotional, I even broke down and we both shared tears but with his support we both decided that I will not go on stage because of my hair and because I didn’t want to break down totally on stage…We both said good bye to each other that is why right from the house I hugged him, I said to him good luck. I said I wish he goes to Upville so that he makes use of all the opportunities…and I will also deal with whatever comes my way,” Mildred revealed.

Asked if she is heartbroken not to have made it to the Upville House, Eazzy, who expressed happiness that the boyfriend made it to the next stage of the contest said; “Well, seriously, there is a part of me that is very glad that I’m out of the house and I won’t lie about it. It was very hectic for me because it was more of tolerating than having fun. What you don’t know is it that most of the people in Downville are regular people and I was a celebrity from my country and I do things differently from the way they live in the house. So it was very hard for me and every day I kept counting the days hoping that I will spend just like a month and half”.

Quite the outspoken lady she is, Eazzy minced no words in admitting close marking Keitta because “when we went into the house, Big Brother said to us that we were here as couples and we were going to fight partners from other countries and if we stay apart and live our individual lives, we will be evicted because we are not partnering. So because of that we did everything together and we always together”.

But now that ‘upgraded’ Keitta is without ‘close-marking’ Eazzy, some believe more drama will certainly unfold in the coming days, since daring and sexy Sierra Leonean housemate Zainab is on the prowl in the Upville house. Will she wear Keitta down and hook up with him now that Keitta and Mildred have been separated?

Can Eazzy on the other hand trust her man to stand her grounds against the Zainab’s wiles? Well, Eugene Osafo-Nkansah put the question to Mildred.

“Yes, that crossed my mind and then again we spoke about it on Friday night before we did what some are saying is sex. I said to him I am going to trust you with Zainab, be good and be yourself if you go and he said to me he doesn’t have any interest in Zainab. If something goes wrong in the Upville house then it’s a little unfortunate because I trust him enough to want him to go to Upville and push him out there and I still support him there no matter what people say or what people think. I know my boyfriend, I know how the relationship works and I support him going to Upville whether Zainab is there or not,” Eazzy answered.

The latest ‘Big Brother StarGame’ evictee had this to say to her admirers and ardent followers.

“I want to tell my fans that I did try my very best to represent Ghana with my boyfriend as a couple and I am totally sorry to anybody who was offended if I didn’t come on stage but there were a lot of issues in the house concerning my hair. It wasn’t a selfish decision but it was based on certain reasons which I can’t really say because it might go against the whole Big Brother Production. I want to tell my fans that I made a promise not to have sex in the house and I fulfilled that promise. We only spent a lot of time together and that was it”.


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