Criss Waddle the richest Ghanaian Artist?

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413Before he was added to the list of hit-makers with his ‘Ayi’ banger, Criss Waddle was known across Tema for his riches. Though a musician since early ages of his life, he (Criss Waddle) had not joined the recognized songsters in the country until his savior ‘Ayi’ which featured Bisa of Azonto Ghost received an appealing welcome by Ghanaians.

On every interview that the Tema based Artist, Criss Waddle is on, whether print or electronic media, one question that never skips the barrage of questions is “Are you rich?” Just after he was about to thrill the TV3 Music Music Audience with performance of ‘Ayi’, the younger brother of Kwasi Pee, Criss Waddle was once again asked by the host of the show Root I whether he confirms to speculations that he is the richest Ghanaian Artist.

This reporter and upon a cup full of hear-say about Criss Waddle being the richest Artist began to follow the truth in it. Contacting the returnee of United Kingdom himself, Criss Waddle, this reporter asked him whether it is true he is the richest Ghanaian Artist. In a ‘don’t-want-to-say-it-but-find-out-yourself’ answer, Criss Waddle kept coiling the question of which he did not confirm or deny the claims.

All efforts to hear from him whether he is the richest Ghanaian Artists failed as Criss Waddle continuously said “I’ve not said anything but it’s the fans who are saying it”. Upon which he was asked “there is no smoke without fire so they might probably have seen something or heard something that makes them spread that”. Criss Waddle was still beating around the question, in a way of confirming to the popular parlance “good beads are noticed from their appearance since they do not blow their own trumpet”.

“Are these cars the reason why they say I am the richest?” Criss Waddle opened his garage to of which expensive cars were packed inside. In his garage were Dodge Magnom which he started driving since 2009, Range Rover Sport and Infiniti M 35 X all with customized foreign number plates.

Criss Waddle's garage

Criss Waddle’s garage

As far as this reporter is concerned (I stand to be corrected), no Ghanaian Artist owns a fleet of those ‘Criss Waddle Cars’ even though some have one of them but again, not a fleet of them.

As to if Music was the source of these riches, Criss Waddle added that, “the reason for the success is the mental faculty”.

Criss Waddle's garage

Criss Waddle’s garage

The debate which has been in the centre chats of most Showbiz fanatics as to who is the richest Ghanaian Artist is in a way answered. Criss Waddle, the ‘Ayi’ composer has demonstrated why he is the richest via his garage.


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  1. GHCMWIntowine on said:

    even if  d benchmark for this assessment is the garage,why not research on waddles’ boss- PAEDAE DA PRALEM? he rides a lexus lx570 2010 model which is far more expensive than range rover n even toyota land cruiser.he also got a toyota highlander 2009,a camry 2009, a bmw 5series. i know he has other ones aside this. waddles’has no house but paedae got 2-one in north legon{where he lives} and anoder in tema.

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