3 Quick Ways To Catch A Cheating Spouse

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userimgresizeIs your spouse cheating on you? How can you know? After all, you haven’t actually been able to REALLY catch them cheating just yet. But what if you were able to catch them red handed? What if there was a way to literally make your partner reveal to you whether or not they are cheating?

Well, you are about to find out the answers to all of your questions, because these 3 quick tips will show you exactly how to catch a cheating spouse, without them even knowing! Read on to find out how you can bust them fast…
Tip #1: Listen to the DETAILS…

If your partner is clever, he/she will make up one of the most elaborate stories you have ever heard. He/she may even have a very solid alibi, with colleagues/friends to back them up as well. But you see…why would they need to try and PROVE their innocence to you?


Just think about it for a minute. If your spouse was truly innocent, why would they need their friend or colleague to “cover” for them, and try and confirm it? Also, if your spouse was truly innocent, why would they even go through all that trouble trying to match up their entire story to make it SOUND legitimate?

You see, if you have ever fallen for this “evidence” trick, then you have been fooled. Clever liars and cheaters will use this trick to try and utterly convince you that they are telling the truth. But the fact of the matter is they are giving you way too many details, as a means to try and make you trust them and believe them.

You will find that their story sure sounds “legitimate” and they have all of this proof lined up, but in reality, they have CAREFULLY aligned this proof just to try and make you believe them.

You will notice that their story is so long, and so intricate, and they will go on and on about the details, and many of them will actually be irrelevant or unnecessary. This is a sure shot sign that someone is lying, because people who tell the truth are blunt, and get straight to the point.

Those who are honest do not have time to intricately weave in thousands of little details, and won’t be too concerned with getting their colleagues or friends to intervene on their behalf, because they will simply not need it.

So always listen to the details, because too many details are a dead giveaway that your partner is trying to hide something big from you.
Tip #2: Watch your partner’s body language carefully…

Most people are unaware of the fact that cheaters cannot truly control their body language. This is because the mind cannot handle the complexity of too many emotional tasks at once. This is the same reason why we often only feel sad or feel happy, and rarely feel both at the same time. We are usually only one or the other, because our mind actually finds it difficult to multitask.

What’s worse is the fact that most of our physical reactions come from our subconscious. This means that we really don’t have much control over our reactions. Sure we can control what we say, or if we think about it, we can also control when we want to blink, but otherwise, we are not thinking about it and aren’t controlling it, because our minds are always preoccupied with our SURROUNDINGS.

Likewise, when you are confronting your partner about a lie or about their suspicious behavior, he/she will be PREOCCUPIED with you. This therefore opens up a window for you to catch them in a lie, just by watching their body language, but let me explain this further.

While you are busy questioning your spouse about their whereabouts or what they did at work, they will instantly be thinking about how they can effectively lie to you and answer you. This will make them instantly emotionally distraught, and because their concentration will be solely on formatting a deceitful response, they will have NO control over their facial expressions or physical reactions in the meantime. 
What will happen is that you will notice your partner fidgeting. He/she will touch their face, scratch their head, touch their eyebrows etc… And they will also AVOID eye contact with you.

Your partner will LITERALLY look anywhere else in the room, and may even grab a newspaper, pull out some paper work, do the dishes, or even just turn on the TV as a way of “pretending” that they have something else to tend to.

They will avoid looking at you, but if you persist, you will notice that their body language will become more awkward and nervous. They cannot control it, and actually don’t even realize they are doing it. 

BUT, when you recognize it and look for it, you will easily be able to catch them in a lie, and will be able to tell whether or not they are cheating on you. 
Tip #3: Watch to HOW your partner responds…

Cheaters have the tendency to ramble on. They will literally tell you so many details and will talk endlessly about the subject at hand, to try and make you drop it. They will literally beat the subject till its dead.

Now there are two ways a cheater will go about this. The first way is simple: they will give you a detail overload. They will tell you so much within their answer that you will never want to ask it again.

You will hear intricate details, and their story will sound more than believable. But that’s the thing…it’s just too believable, and they don’t leave you alone to question anything. When your partner gives you too many details, and doesn’t leave you alone to think otherwise, this is a sign that they are lying.

They won’t leave you alone to think otherwise, because they want the satisfaction and comfort of knowing that you will never bother them again with it, so that they can “comfortably” sneak around behind your back in the future. 

Now, the other method which cheaters will use, is they will simply repeat the same thing over and over and over again, or will avoid the subject altogether. Whenever they have done this in the past, you have probably become very frustrated and fights would have erupted because they are not answering you adequately.

But, the fact still remains that whenever you listen to WHAT they are saying especially by watching HOW they respond, you will find INCONSISTENCIES in their responses. You will notice that the next time you ask them to recite the details; he/she will get some of the wrong, will not be able to remember easily, and will even introduce “new” facts and new details.

But, don’t take the confusion of facts lightly, as it’s quite obvious they were lying all along, and these inconsistencies quite simply tell you exactly what he/she was lying about in the first place. You will notice the inconsistencies more, when you persist on the same topic frequently.

You will also find that they are ONLY able to regurgitate the same old things, over and over again. This is especially true when you notice your partner trying to avoid the subject, and you will notice him/her EVEN saying things like “Don’t you trust me? I thought you love me!”… 

These kinds of statements are only used as a means to give you a guilt trip to try and make you drop the subject. The only reason your partner would play this kind of “mind game” would be if they were hiding something. 

Remember that cheaters will use any tool possible to try and get out of being caught or being in the line of fire and all you have to do is watch how he/she reacts to you when it comes to their responses, and you will be able to tell whether or not they are loyal.

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