OJ’s ‘Ma y3 S3 mo p3n’ is a definition of good music that Ghanaian Musicians should learn from

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Micheal Oware Sakyi (OJ)

Micheal Oware Sakyi (OJ)

Hitherto, music was used to educate, inform and entertain the public. Why the ‘Osibisa’ still has relevant songs in the Ghanaian Music, boils down to the maturity their songs carried to the general public. Lately, I personally cannot count 5 songs from Ghana that makes so much sense.

I heard Micheal Oware Sakyi’s (OJ) song ‘ma y3 s3 mo p3n’ about 30 minutes from sleep. When I listened to it, silence became my best friend that night. After listening to the song on one popular Radio Station, I slept reminiscing ‘why did I do that’, ‘why didn’t I do that’ etc. For some time, I had forgotten it was a song that poked me about life. I forget the title of the song but could remember it was an OJ signature. The next day, I woke up with the song as my search of the day. “Whats even the title of the song?” I kept asking myself without answer but with the help of youtube, I found the title ‘Ma y3 s3 mo p3n’ translated in English, ‘I’ve been in your shoes before’

Personally, the song was relative so it became my favourite, but since I did not want to be selfish, I found out from friends if they shared that similar rapport I had with the song. During a chat on Black Berry Messenger (BBM), I asked Derby, my closest friend if he had heard the song from OJ. In his usual dramatic descriptions, Derby said, “Nana Kwesi, when I heard that song, I cried. Bro I have wasted most of my time and regret them so much”. My trap has caught Derby’s ‘bayla’ because I had found a musical relative.

Honestly, this story should have been posted about 2 weeks ago but my survey about how many people find the song very matured and a definition of what Ghana Music is lacking made me delay, I’m sorry. Asking my roommates to watch the video and listen attentively to the lyrics, Blay, the darkest amongst the friends was soaked in the song. I was watching him squint his eyes and have perspiration on his face. I knew how magical the song was so I was not afraid to dare anyone to share their views after. “Herh, chale, I regret some things I do o, chale, herh……” Blay continued ‘herhing’ me without an end. Another ‘bayla’ caught.

Testing the depth of the water, I posted on Twitter and other Social Media Networks how the song makes enormous sense to me. In clear words, I posted “Anytime I hear OJ’s ‘Ma y3 s3 mo p3n’, it pierces me how I’ve wasted some relevant times. This is MUSIC!” The number of likes I had on Facebook and the Retweets I had on that status is one of my best I’ve had since I registered with all those Networks.

Some comments to the status were very pathetic whilst many applauded the composer, OJ. If there is any music that has made a lot of sense and taught so much to the youth populated nation lately, it is OJ’s ‘ma y3 s3 mo p3n’. Other Musicians should learn from this epic song and educate the citizens with something cleverer than the ‘borla’ (garbage) songs that have flooded the musical waves in Ghana with.

Kudos OJ for a masterpiece and indeed your lyrics have really poked the youth on the results of being mischievous. God bless you and keep up the excellent work.

Enough said already, watch the video yourself


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