“My boobs are not natural” ex Big Brother Rep, Confidence explains

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Confidence Haugen - Vol 2 (19)Confidence Haugen, Chief Executive of Aphrodisiac Night Club, has personally confirmed a  publication to the effect that she has artificial breasts that would expire soon and she therefore has to replace them or face the consequences.

Confidence, apparently embarrassed by the publication, told Peace FM’s Entertainment Review that the report was “ridiculous” and though her publicist, Eugene Safo Nkansah had authored a counter story to discredit whatNEWS-ONE had put out, fresh reports suggest that Confidence herself had confirmed the story in an interview she granted Glitz Africa Magazine.

Confidence, in a December 2011 interview with Glitz Africa, confessed that she had the artificial breast implants when she was 30 years and that she was warned to replace them after 10 years. In 2011 when confidence spoke to Glitz, she gave her age as 37, meaning she should be 39 this year.

Impliedly, she has just a year for the boobs to expire and not 2 years as NEWS-ONE had stated.

We reproduce excerpts of what Confidence Haugen told Glitz about her artificial boobs:

GLITZ: We all know about your breast implant, have you done anything apart from that?

CONFIDENCE: LOL!!! Naaaa! I’ve done liposuction but it’s barely noticeable. I’m happy how I am but I wanted to have a face-lift years back, but not anymore.

GLITZ: So why implants, was it necessary?

CONFIDENCE: I had it done because I had a lot of self esteem problems without my boobs and it was causing a lot of problems for me at that time in my life. I believe life is too short so if something needs fixing, then why not fix it? I actually feel normal talking to Glitz about this. This is the first time I’ve opened up like this…you guys make me feel at ease and I love this chat! What I will say is if you have sagging boobs and you want to fix it to look great in that gorgeous dress then why not? If it will help your confidence.

GLITZ: But I wonder, is it easy maintaining it in Ghana?

CONFIDENCE: When I did it first, I came to Ghana to take the stitches and it got infected so I had to go back to get it fixed, but if you go to the right surgeons, for example the boobs have “passports” and that’s how they certify them soyou must see it, which is the certificate. I was advised to take it out every 10 years. What I have now has been for 7 years. If you want to do your boobs, look for a specialist, research and get great consultation before you do it.

GLITZ: If I pick your phone, who will I find in your phone book?

CONFIDENCE: Hmmm…(Laughing)…okay let’s see who I spoke to today: my girl Delay, Nadia, yourself, Tinny, Eugene from Glo, Jay Ghartey. Actually my best friends are my staff.

GLITZ: What did you want to do growing up?

CONFIDENCE: Hmmm… I went through phases. I wanted to be an air hostess, then I wanted to be a nurse, then a lawyer but I think I am in the right job now. I love what I’m doing.

GLITZ: Advice to girls who look up to you?

CONFIDENCE: Keep dreaming and work hard towards your dream because amazingly dreams do come true. I am living my dreams!


Credit: News One

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