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images (10)The biggest reality television on the continent of Africa is no doubt but “BIG BROTHER AFRICA”. With its primary objective of bringing entertainment to its viewers and talkability in the continent and beyond. Over the years, followers of this mega reality show have seen many young budding personalities spring to life and even become celebrities after the show benefiting immensely from the exposure and experience such a platform can offer. Already made super stars in their own rights have graced the Big Brother Africa House with various intentions. Some to market their brands and others to showcase their real personalities from what people have been seeing. So in all, BBA as its termed, was for entertainment.

I have followed BBA for long and would say I have watched all the shows but am not watching this one due to the fact that, year in year out the focus of the show is diverting if it hasn’t already diverted. Gradually before we realize it’s just a legalized Pornography show for horny Africans on the continent who are bold enough to get onto TV and show their high level of sex drives. In the early version of the show we all looked forward to the alliances between country representatives and how best everyone plays the game. Because without strategy you won’t be able to play the game well and win. Everyone or most people had a strategy at hand because they were in for the cash. The backbiting, the emotions high and down, the plots and cliques that get formed, and how housemates changed plans as soon as a housemate is evicted. Those were the things that made us glued to our sets to watch BBA. Those even influenced country decisions on how to vote. I remember very well those days we use to even vote via landline phones from Ghana telecom and our votes go according to the country housemate that supports our housemates in the house.

But what can we see now, housemates get into the house and when asked what’s their strategy they don’t know because all they looking forward to is whether or not they will have the first kiss or bang in the house. Some even change “sexual” partners in their short period of stay in the house. So you see why when asked the question do you have a strategy they will proudly say NO? All they want to really yell out is can’t wait to get in and start the sexual adventure. Now as viewers all we look out for is the first kiss, who sleeps with who so the videos can be downloaded and spread around. I’m not even going to touch on our very own PRAYE TIATIA’s Selly in the house.  It’s now either a kissing or sexual competition nothing more beneficial. Recently I asked a friend whether during auditions, the judges look out for a bunch of horny sex deprived individuals or normal people who are bold enough to have sex in public whiles the whole Africa watches on. I stand to be corrected but that’s what it seems the criteria for housemates are now. Nothing to write home about.

This year I’m not watching BBA or following their updates on any of the social media platforms like I use to, neither am I voting for any one because it’s time we made a bold stand that the show is losing its X FACTOR. I won’t say its objectives because of the producers have changed it to what we seeing now on screens.  It wasn’t a shocking when a drafted message went about on social media platforms encouraging the youth of Africa to stop watching BBA. I hope that should be a waking up call to the producers or whoever is in charge. THIS IS AFRICA!!!!!! Although a modern new AFRICA, we can still differentiate between right and wrong.


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