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images (5)Kissing – it’s one of life’s simple pleasures. Whether it’s a peck on the lips, a first kiss or a full on french snog, nothing beats that intimate moment of locked lips.

You might not guess it, but we’re a nation of kissers. A study by Zoosk has found that nearly two thirds of Brits would kiss someone they’ve just met, and over half of us are happy to smooch in public.

But a bad kiss can end a romantic rendezvous pretty pronto.

So to celebrate International Kissing Day, we’ve got some top kissing tips from sex expert Tracey Cox (she knows what she’s talking about, she even has her own sex toy range) and have added in a few of our own.

Take it slow


You want to be a sensual, sexy kisser right? So remember that plunging in and drilling your tongue around your lover’s mouth washing machine-style isn’t going to turn anyone on.

Instead, start by gently kissing the object of your affection on the lips. Do this a few times until you can feel they’re wanting more. Then, try slowly putting your tongue inside their mouth, gently rubbing their tongue with yours.

Tracey is a fan of soft kisses at the start. She says: “Cover all of their mouth with light, fluttery kisses until you’ve left a mark on every millimetre. Kiss in the corners, above the top lip, below the bottom lip, all around their mouth,” she suggests.

Hopefully by this stage you’ll both be turned on and ready for some full-on tongue to tongue action.


Let’s get physical


A good kiss isn’t all about lips and tongues. There’s so much more to being a good kisser.

Let’s start with posture. Naturally your bodies are going to be pretty close. But to start, if you really want to make them want you, make sure your bodies aren’t fully in contact. Then, as things start to hot up, press your body firmly against theirs.

Being vocal can also steam up a kiss. “Letting out even a tiny moan while their mouth is in yours ups the eroticism because it creates a vibration and brings another sense into focus: sound,” says Tracey.

Don’t forget your hands too, they can make the difference between an average kiss and an awesome kiss. Slowly stroke your partner’s body (not that bit…). Their back, face, hair, legs, bum. Whatever feels good for you.


It’s all about the confidence


Yes, as Gok Wan says: “It’s all about the confidence.” A confident, passionate kisser will always deliver the best results.

Try to relax, remember, kissing is fun! Having fresh breath will ensure you’re more confident and relaxed, so remember to carry some gum if you’re planning on a snog session.

Be passionate – a bored kisser will never deliver a good smooch.

But most importantly, believe you are a good kisser and hey presto, you will double yourkissing capacity.

Remember, the person kissing you is (almost definitely) doing so because they find you sexy. That’s right. You’re sexy. Embrace it.


Mix it up


A monotonous tongue-rubbing-against-tongue rhythm can get a little dull. So if you want to be a good kisser, you’ve got to mix it up.

Be creative. Gently chew on their lower lip, suck their top lip. Move up to their ears, suck their earlobe and gently bite their ear. Trail some soft kisses along their neck and then come back to their mouth, gently tugging on their bottom lip. Let your tongue wander around their mouth.

If you’re feeling particularly sexy, you could try ‘facial intercourse’, which is, as you might expect, mimicking sex with your mouth. Try rubbing your tongue around their mouth, then slowly suck your partner’s tongue, and to finish dart your tongue in and out of their mouth. ‘Use your tongue to imitate the longed-for thrusts of your pelvises,’ says Tracey.

Sounds silly, feels good.

Listen to your partner


Remember to be in tune with your kissingpartner.

Just as with sex, everyone is turned on by different things. The Zoosk survey found that most British men prefer a soft, sensual kiss, whereas most British women prefer a full on French kiss. But everyone’s different.

Listen to your partner and watch what they’re doing with their body. You’ll soon work out which of your kissing tecnhiques are turning them on.


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