Movie auditions now avenue for selection of ladies for sex

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images (7)Anytime there is an advertisement for Movie auditions, most ladies who have had previous experience with some deviant Movie Producers do not pay attention to such advertisement as they soliloquy and pity those who will fall victims to such ‘dog’ Producers regardless how genuine that might be.

Last weekend, a lady called this Reporter and was narrated her experience with this Movie Producer who lured her to pick a form and register for audition. As a ‘desperado’ who wants to be the next Nadia Buari, her dreams motivated her to audition for the role.

According to her, the Producer who lured her into the Production was part of the Judges to select those befitting the role. She was given a secret tip that she was the best for the role and would have to pay GHC500 to the outfit (name withheld) for her registration into the Actors Guild and other miscellaneous expenses. She acquired the money with the help of her mother and a cousin who works with the bank.

After depositing the money in the account of the Producer which she was instructed, she called to inform the Producer of her obedience. She was invited by the Producer to a hotel in Accra which she was informed was the venue for rehearsals and grooming.

She was at the hotel reception when she was invited into the room of the Producer. As an upcoming Actress who was enticed by the fact that she was going to act together with Majid Michel, Stephanie Okereke (Nigerian Actress), Yvonne Okoro among others in that said movie made her do anything that will secure her role.

In the room where she was expecting to meet Production crew, she saw the Producer on the bed and in green and white boxer shorts and a tank top. That inspired her with awe and wonder. She asked the Producer when they are starting the rehearsals and was told to make herself comfortable anywhere in the hotel room and that they will start any soon. “Majid is always late. These people when they become stars, they no longer respect time. Yvonne is in the other room and the crew is all set” he told this Reporter.

“He asked me if I can play a sex scene very well. Especially if I’m asked to do it with Majid. I smiled and told him yes I will do my very best. He further asked me if I have seen Majid act any sex scene before and I replied several times. He asked me to come to sit on the bed for him to give me some practical tips on such scenes. Ok, I went and he aggressively pulled me on the bed and wanted to have sex with me” the lady narrated to

“I was struggling with him on the bed and pushed him away from me. He asked me if I wanted the role or not and just this advances I am not able to tolerate how much more Majid’s in the movie. I told him I will call him later and went out of the hotel room”.

This lady who told some of his colleague upcoming Actresses about the incident heard some of them saying “oh you too, he did it to Margadalene and we were even talking about it on BBM yesterday. If you told me earlier I would have warned you. Nothing give am, we are planning to record him and take it to the Police” is following up on this Story and will update Readers as it unfolds. For now, the lady does not want her name out and the Producer as well as they are in the process of using Anas Aremeyaw Anas skills to gather concrete evidence for the Police and the Media.

Upcoming Actresses are therefore cautioned. The Actors Guild is to put measures in place to ensure the safety of such innocent ladies who become victims of these so-called Producers.

Are we to believe most ladies who get major roles in big movies exchanged sex for that role like the rumour mill has it?


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