Open letter to Samini: exhuming skeletal issues will not help your ‘resurrection’

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images (5)My colleague blogger and good friend Fiifi Adinkrah tweeted “Samini attacks Sarkodie in new song Pink Sheet” and added a link to it. Honestly, I sometimes don’t pay attention to such updates from Fiifi as he could sometimes use it as a strategy to get fans on his active Ghana Ndwom website.

Instinctively, I was magneted to download the song as it had a daring title ‘Pink Sheet’. After listening to it, I commended Samini for his usual creativity and prolific lyrics. I went on BlackBerry Messenger and posted “Samini’s ‘Pink Sheet’ will resurrect issues” Indeed for the first time since using the BlackBerry Messenger, almost all my contacts replied my PM (Personal Message) and shared their mixed emotions on Samini’s release.  One statement which was popular was “Why is Samini addressing this issue now after these years?”

“K) bisa Soni Bali, adiea Yoggy Doggy de y3 Samini” translated in English “Ask Soni Bali what Yoggy Doggy did to Samini”. This was in one of the early songs of Sarkodie when he surfaced on the Ghanaian Musical Stream. Samini quoted this in his latest release and asked Sarkodie to defend his lyrics before he shoots him. This statement headlined all publications online today and is the basis for this story as well. If my mathematics won’t fail me this time, it was about 3 years ago when Sarkodie spewed this line in his song. I have asked almost all ardent Sarkoholics (Sarkodie fans) which song has this line and due to the old age of the song, no one can confidently posit the song in which this line was made. Simply put, it’s a song which is not on anyone’s ipod or musical device any more. This is how ‘desperate’ Samini is; exhuming an issue which is even older than his last nephew.

Following the release, Iwan, another popular Dancehall/Reggae Artiste confronted Samini on Facebook and posted “All dis Dissing wil not Help . The guy is a FAKER La. expect a Second Single titled Okukuseku ft. Gemini … everybody Knows IWAN, Am not Hidden from The World. I Apologise to My fans who r hurt for this, sorryy, But I got to do This .. Once in a Mans Life, Samini can be better Than Me, its not Impossible .. But He is a Faker ..”

Samini has earned for himself enormous respect from Ghanaians and most Africans after winning several awards particularly the MOBO Award. This confirmed his exceptional talent but he is blowing all that hard-earned excellent brand tag in the name of ‘Ever-green’ appellations.

I don’t want to believe it is true the rumour mongers statement that his failed attempt to break into the Nigerian Market with the ‘Alingo’ song has left him confused and seeking other avenues to resurrect his musical name which is suffering from stroke. I still don’t want to believe the popular Akan proverb that “when an animal is about to die, it exhibit ‘epilectic’ movements”

Samini, I really admire you since the release of ‘Linda’ and I was one of those who bought the cassette with my pocket money in JSS 1 and brag about your brand since. If this is a publicity stunt strategy, trust me, it won’t work. It is rather washing the minds of people about your exceptional talent and rather painting you as a struggling-to-resurrect Artiste.

This is an UGLY TRUTH! And like he said on Twitter, #TruthHurts


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