Signs of a cheating patner

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images (3)Your partner or spouse…

  • Appears distant, show a lack of interest
  • Is frequently tired or lack interest in the relationship.
  • Comes home smelling of an unfamiliar fragrance.
  • Wears cologne much more often than usual.
  • Arrives home and heads straight into the shower/bath.
  • Gets dressed up a little too well
  • Begins to speak more and more harshly to you, or are more sarcastic.
  • Asks about your schedule more often than usual.
  • Develops an increased focus on losing weight or pays more attention to their appearance.
  • Stops wearing his wedding ring
  • Is no longer interested in sex or  starts to request kinky or other erotic sexual activity that you’ve never done before, including watching porn
  • Shows a “new talent” in the bedroom (that they might have learned from the individual with whom they’ve been cheating)
  • Appears reluctant to kiss you, or show affection toward you.
  • Criticizes you for showing him attention.
  • Work longer hours, more frequently…and keep you from viewing his paycheck/pay-stubs
  • Changes his established routine with no apparent reason
  • Begins discouraging you from calling him at work
  • Is often “unavailable” when you try to call him at work.
  • Returns calls long after you leave a message for him.
  • Prefers to attend work functions (or any events) alone
  • Takes more trips for business reasons and even refuses to let you drive him to the airport.
  • Receives “mysterious” phone calls.
  • You get an increasing number of hang-ups or “wrong numbers” when you pick up the phone.
    • especially if the caller hangs up after hearing your voice and doesn’t speak. Woman CheatingGenerally when a person dials a “wrong” number, they will at least ask, “Is Fred there?” before hanging up (though not always).
    • Phone bills that show unexplained toll or long distance charges.
    • Hurriedly picks up the phone to answer it before you do.
    • Leaves the room to talk on the phone.
    • Whispers while on the phone.
    • Suddenly need a cell phone (or pager) and discourages you from looking at or using the phone or pager.
    • Deletes numbers from “caller ID”.
    • Behaves differently or ends the telephone calls abruptly when you enter the room. Or appears to hang up quickly.
    • Credit card receipts for gifts you didn’t receive.
    • An increase in ATM withdrawals.
    • Credit card receipts showing purchases from places unknown to you or that seem suspect
    • Rushes to get the mail before you do.
    • Gets a separate P.O. Box.
    • Unusual phone numbers appearing on the bill.
    • The duration and time of the calls appear excessive.
    • Is secretive about his cell phone bill and starts to pay it himself.
    • You notice business travel or other deductions for travel or other expenses that you were unaware of.
    • The passenger’s seat is adjusted differently than you had left it.Caught Cheating
    • Taking child seat out of the car for no particular reason.
    • Finding suspicious items like phone numbers, receipts, lipstick, condoms or strange hairs in the vehicle.
    • Keeping a change of clothes in the trunk.
    • Warily guards access to his computer.
    • Shuts down the computer as you walk into the room
    • Adds password protection his computer.
    • Stays up to “work” on the computer long after you’ve gone to bed.
    • Has unusual sites showing in the “browser history”, or erases them after each late-night session.
    • Deletes email message more frequently

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to learn the truth TODAY!. These are all signs of a cheater. You should NOT ignore these signs.

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