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images (12)Whether you have been set up on ablind date or are meeting someone for the first time, there are some basic guidelines that men and women must adhere to. Here are 10 blind date tips with a dash of humor for your viewing pleasure.

10. Plan Far Ahead

You may have planned a calm evening at the movies, but if you see that this wild girl wants to go clubbing, make sure that you will not have any trouble getting into the night’s hot spots.

9. Watch What You Say

To quote the mighty Chris Rock, “a girl will decide within the first 30 seconds whether or not she will sleep with you.” If she intends on doing so, the only thing standing in the way is what you say. So, think twice and better yet, shut your trap, so she can open hers.

8. Focus On Her

Why do some men insist on asking women out, only to end up spending the entire evening talking about themselves? If you want a woman to fall for you, then show her you care about more than T&A. Ask her about work, family, friends, all the stuff women love talking about. But beware; you do not want to give her the impression that you are about to begin stalking your next victim.

7. Don’t Cross-Examine Her

If you want a first date to succeed, then you must master the art of communication. Don’t ask her close-ended questions (those that only require “yes,” “no,” or “I don’t know,” responses); instead, ask her open-ended questions to stimulate conversation and to let her know that you’re interested.

6. Keep Your Eyes On Her

Did you ever see the Saturday Night Live episode with Rob Lowe as the host? If not, there was a skit in which he’s talking to Ralph Nader, when he sees a mirror and forgets everything and everyone around him. Funny, but I see many men (and women) doing this all the time. Look at her, not yourself, and definitely not at the other fine looking women in the establishment.


5. Don’t Show Off

If you have a flashy watch, a nice car, or expensive clothes, she will notice. While this may hurt your chances as much as it will help, the bottom line is that everything you do must be subtle. Do not flaunt your cash; you are not dating a hooker. Don’t accidentally lose your 18-karat diamond ring on the table; or at least make sure that it slips down her shirt. People, that is the grain of salt that I keep telling you about.

4. Manage Expectations

I know we all have porn star aspirations and dreams where vixens emerge from the dark, take off our clothes and ride waaaaaake uuuuup ! Welcome back to earth, where women get better looking depending on the number of drinks you have. Go in there expecting Shamu’s ugly cousin to show up and you will see that the girl is pretty cute. Expect an angel and I guarantee that a whale is what you’ll get.

3. Watch Out For The Psycho Factor

I love it when guys ask me how they can get out of relationships with psychos (not nymphomaniacs, mind you, those we can live with). But psychos, you know the kind, they have that look and that “I own you” stare. Not only on blind dates, but even on the first handful of dates (when you meet someone who is a diluted version of the real person that will emerge down the road), beware of everything she says and how she says it.

Also, when you tell her that you like seeing other people and she confidently says, “Good, I AM other people,” tell her you’re going to the washroom and head out to the nearest exit.

2. Exit Strategy

Have your friends on stand by, your pager’s battery newly replaced, and freshen up on your Morse code tactics because you never know when that SOS signal will be necessary. I have never had the cojones to do this, but if things are really going horribly, then you may want to ditch her — now that will get the message across.

1. Take Charge

If you want the night to go how you dreamed it would, then do not sit there and get old. Get up, be a big boy and take control. Anything else is futile. Oh yes, some women are very turned on by confident men, so you could end up scoring on all fronts.




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