Wanlov explains leaked nude picture “we went to bath and we took it and sent it to 5 ladies…….”

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fokn-boisWanlov, a victim of the leaked picture which circulated on the internet this Friday in an interview granted on KFM, a Kumasi-based radio station  explained how the picture leaked. Below are his words in his explanation:

“This photo was taken in Finland when we went out to bath. We (Mensa & I) snapped many pictures (including the leaked one) and sent them to five ladies. One of the ladies sent it to her boyfriend who ended up posting it on the internet”

Wanlov who seems unperturbed by his deed stated that he has no regret for showing his manhood. When asked what he felt after hearing about his naked picture been circulated online, the he said

”I was a bit surprised since that particular picture wasn’t meant for public consumption, it was something personal, So I said oh…Not again, but well…”

The unrepentant moral ‘outcast’ further stated that

”I’m not really worried about what I did; you know this isn’t my first time and I’m used to these public criticisms, condemnation and insults. I’m only worried about M3nsa, who has been receiving numerous calls and messages after this incident. He is new to all this” He added.


When asked why he always chose to go naked, Wanlov explained that ‘

‘Ghanaians are just copying blindly from these Europeans, acting like we dress more than them. Africans used to wear nothing until we were influenced by these Europeans who dress a lot because of their cold weather conditions, but now our taste for fashion is inordinate. There is an attraction in Europe called ‘Nude beach’ where people go about wearing nothing but bikini’s and shorts. There are so many issues worth talking about in the country which surpasses my incident, so I’m not really worried”.

Wanlov who had his own definition of how we described someone being ‘Normal’  after he was questioned on how our culture labeled a person who goes about naked as not ‘normal’ and it was a bit out of the ordinary for him being ‘normal’ to behave that way, he explained that

” I don’t know how we describe who is normal, what shows I’m normal? Normal in a way is biased because for instance, a person dressed in a suit, tie, vest and tight shoes on a hot sunny day struggling for air – I find such a person not to be normal, but someone might also find him to be normal.


“In some instance a person who is not normal is a person who make himself and people around him too uncomfortable, someone might suggest that I’m not normal because I make them uncomfortable”

The controversial musician who still felt unrepentant by his actions further bragged and proudly disclosed how his ill-mannered behavior won him the hearts of many ‘new’ ladies and made others to make contacts with him after so many years of shunning him. He said

”I even get more girls, like 10 more girls after scandals like this, I even get more girls after making such headlines in the newspapers, right now I’ve countless messages on Whatsapp from ladies asking how I’m faring and how they want to meet me, these ladies weren’t responding to my messages before”

He further advised anyone who saw him as a role model and wanted to be like him one day to just be himself. I haven’t asked anyone to see me as a role model.

”There are so many friends of mine who see me as a role model but dress normal – they wear shoes and dress elegantly, but still admire me”.



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