What happened: The boy who was ‘defiled’ by pastor’s wife

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300..1.1479457“She asked me to follow her to the bathroom where she made me sit down. By then I was naked and she too was naked. She sat on me but before she sat on me, she pulled my manhood out so that there can be some sort of penetration and then she started moving up and down,” these are the words of15- year-old Jeremiah Jenkins.

This is the ordeal this young Beninoire national has been experiencing for the past one year and now, he lives in fear of being harmed after breaking his year-long silence on the matter.

He met the Ghanaian prophet and his wife after a crusade in Benin. Subsequently, in 2007, he came to Ghana with his mother who left him at the residence of the prophet without the consent of the latter.

About a year ago, the prophet’s wife allegedly started having sex with him under duress.

Narrating his ordeal to citifm, Jeremiah Jenkins who is originally known as Emmanuel Shengu Azumah recalled that “it all started, when we moved to Ashaley Botwe, Auntie Joyce was pregnant and she told me that she had a few contractions so I should come and help her massage her tummy and I did so.

“After a few weeks, there was a three-day programme that the prophet had to attend so on the first day of the programme, after the prophet left around 6 in the evening, Auntie Joyce [Prophet’s wife] told me again that she had a few contractions but this time around we are going to do it in a different way.

“So she gave me a book, it was written on it, health sex family or something like that, and it had in it pictures of some sex positions.

“She asked me to follow her to the bathroom where she made me sit down. By then I was naked and she too was naked and she sat on me but before she sat on me, she pulled my manhood out so that there can be some sort of penetration and then she started moving up and down,” he added.

According to him, the Prophet’s wife on another occasion lured him to her room under the pretext of doing some laundry for her. She however forcibly had sex with him.

Asked why he did not report the issue to the Prophet, he indicated that he had been warned by Auntie Joyce not to disclose his ordeal to anyone. However, after the practice continued, he then gathered courage and reported to one of the trainee pastors of the Prophet who advised him to remain calm since his life could be in danger.

Jeremiah who desperately wanted the sexual acts to cease later reported the matter to another Pastor only known as Felix who urged him to confess to the Prophet so “when I left the house, Pastor Felix asked me to go back and report to the prophet first who told me that “he believes me because he knows his wife. After that week, the prophet began to behave in a strange way towards me and the wife also started insulting me and some of the words she usually used were that I had told the wrong person so anything they have decided to do, they will do it quickly. This made me leave the house because I could not take it any longer.” 

He later went to lodge with Pastor Felix who after several unsuccessful attempts to mediate the matter reported the case to the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service.

On Monday, August 5, 2013, DOVVSU invited the Prophet and his wife to aid with investigations. However, upon their arrival, they were in the company of two Police CID officers who came to arrest Pastor Felix for allegedly kidnapping Jeremiah.

He was in Police custody for two days and was later released on Wednesday, August 8, 2013.

In an interview with citifm, before his arrest, Felix denied the allegations saying, “the boy has approached me before and I sent him back to the prophet and then he came back to me again on the 24th of June. Although we tried to mediate the issue, on Friday we reported the case and today [Monday] the prophet and his wife came to reply to the allegation but came up with an allegation that I have kidnapped the boy and I am trafficking the boy. But that is a lie and it is not true.”

When citifmonline.com contacted the Police officer in charge at the DOVVSU division at the Police Headquarters, she declined to speak on the matter indicating that the matter is still being investigated. 

Jeremiah is currently battling skin rashes around his manhood. He also says he has since developed the strong edge for sex which he is unable to control and “I sometimes see Auntie Joyce in my dream as well as other women and I get wet dreams.” 

We are keenly following this story and would bring all updates to our cherished readers.


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