How to be your boss’ favourite and skills required to earn promotions and perks

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images (2)The most important person who can help in the growth of one’s career in a desired way is the “Boss”. Your boss can do much more than any qualification can do for you. He is the person who represents you in front of the management. Whatever he says, good or bad about you definitely has an effect on your career succession with in and outside the organization. If boss is such an important person in your career, what is it that you can do to keep him happy and be his favorite?

Skills required to earn promotions and perks

This article is not about being a sycophant; it is rather about maintaining a good relationship with your superior. If you know what are the things that bosses like and dislike in their sub-ordinates you are one step closer to your destination. Even if you are made a boss tomorrow, you would expect these things from your sub-ordinates. So, let’s take a look at the traits that bosses like and dislike in their sub-ordinates.

Traits that bosses appreciate in their team members:

  • Hard work and dedication
  • Loyalty and discipline
  • Being a team player
  • Giving credit to the boss and the team
  • Flexibility
    At times they may need to restructure the team or experiment making some changes in the tasks you do, don’t be resistant. Take a flexible approach and help him try out new things. You can definitely discuss if you foresee any problems in the new approach and give the possible solutions.
  • Constructive feedback
    Feedback is important but if it can’t be put to any use, it won’t be much helpful. If you want to report a problem area, offer some possible solutions also.
  • Discuss everything with the boss first
    Keep the boss updated about your work. Whatever it is, good or bad, tell it to your boss first. He needs to be prepared to answer the questions that may arise related to you.
  • Not directly approaching the big boss
    If you want to report a problem, it is always a good idea to go directly to your line manager and discuss it with him rather than directly going to the big boss. If you directly go to the big boss, it puts your line manager in an awkward situation.
  • Taking Initiatives
  • Supporting the company during tough times.
  • Appreciate the opportunity you are given and be thankful

Traits that bosses do not appreciate in their sub-ordinates:

  • Giving Surprises
    Surprises, good or bad are not appreciated by the bosses. They give an impression that the boss is unaware about the happenings in his department and do not give him a chance to prepare himself to answer the questions that might arise.
  • Unannounced leave
    There may be times when the boss is relying on you for a particular task and all of a sudden if you take a leave without informing the boss, imagine where it will lead him to. If you have to take a leave inform your boss in as much advance as possible so that he can plan his acitivities accordingly.
  • Excuses for underperformance
    Accept the responsibility for underperformance rather than blaming it on the customers or colleagues. Try to find out and propose the solutions. Always ask the question “Why”. Why did we score more in this test? Why did we sell less in this season? What can we do to improve the results?
  • Doing personal stuff while at work
    Would you like it if you are required to pay an employee for his personal work which he wants to do in the office? Similarly bosses also do not like it when you take out your books and start preparing for your entrance exam in the office. Your company is paying you for the time when you are at office, don’t do personal work there.
  • Being Idle
    If you are done with your assigned work, do not take out a novel and start reading it. Give the advantage of your free time to your company. Go to the boss and ask him if he would like you to do something extra.
  • Stretching lunch hours or coffee breaks
    If your company gives you a lunch break of 30 minutes, do not go out to smoke a cigarette or for a stroll for another 10 minutes. Finish your lunch and associated activities within 30 minutes and get back to your place.
  • Taking a break at busy time of the day
    How would you feel if you go to the bank to notice that the cashier is away from his place during the work hours and you are required to wait for 30 minutes? Wouldn’t it be irritating? The boss also feels the same when you are away from your place during the busy hours of the business.
  • Overtime when boss didn’t ask for
    Your company has a policy of paying the employees for every extra working hour. You make it a habit to do an overtime of 2 hours everyday without your boss wanting you to do it. Wouldn’t it irritate the boss? Do not misuse the flexibility your company offers.
  • Laughing around at boss’s mistake
    Every human being is error prone. If your boss makes a mistake, do not make it a habit to point it out and laugh around at it. Genuinely bring it to his notice and move ahead.
  • Badmouthing the boss or company
    Many employees have an habit of bad mouthing the boss and the company. Have you ever thought, if you your company or boss is so bad, why do you want to hang around there?
  • Wasting time grooming yourself
  • Taking Personal calls at work
  • Misusing office facilities
  • Stealing on company’s things
  • Socializing too much at work

As we join a new job, the biggest question most of us have is how can we get promoted and earn more perks? Growing in your career or getting promotions doesn’t mean earning more money for less work rather as you grow in your career, your responsibilities increase. Earning promotions and perks puts you at the “Taking” end from the company but to take something from your company you first need to be a giver.

Skills to become boss’s favorite

Listed here are the qualities and attributes you can bring to your employer to ensure that you are amongst the fastest growing employees in the company. In fact if you absorb these qualities, you can grow faster than most of the people in your industry.

  • Know the evaluation system
    Your promotions and perks depend on the company’s evaluation system. Know the criteria on which your performance is evaluated and work according to them.
  • Know the priorities
    It is important to prioritize your work as per the requirement. Even if you work hard but do not deliver the required results on time, you will not be able to grow. Make a list of things to do and prioritize them on the basis of importance and urgency, as required.
  • Hard Work and performance
    If you really want to grow in your life you have to understand and accept that there is no alternate to hard work and performance. Simply being hardworking is not enough if you are not able to produce the desired results. Give your 100% to your work because earning promotions and perks doesn’t mean being paid more for less work. In fact try to do more than your share of work, whenever possible. This will keep you in the good list of your employer.
  • Understand the objective and instructions clearly
    Nothing irritates a boss more than a “YES” boy who doesn’t understand the objective of the work assigned to him. It is better to ask for clarifications rather than messing up the work and not delivering the results on time.
  • Initiative
    Taking an initiative is one of things every boss appreciates. Always be ready to take the new challenges and work towards them.
  • Help the boss
    Make it a habit to always be there when boss needs you. This is not about sycophancy it is rather about being a reliable member of the team.
  • Maintain a good rapport with sub-ordinates and peers
    Your sub-ordinates and peers play an important role on where your career goes. If they seek your help anytime always be there to offer it. A successful person not only grows himself but also helps people around him grow.
  • Avoid trouble making
    Companies like employees who help in maintaining a peace in the organization. Trouble makers are hardly the one to be appreciated by the companies. Whatever is the problem, approach it with a peaceful attitude. If there are other elements trying to cause unrest within the company, take an initiative to ease out the situation.
  • Don’t harass the boss/company
    Many people think that they can get their things accepted by the company by going through legal channels or unions. Try to avoid such complications as far as possible. If you have a problem, go directly to your line manager and put across your points in calmly. Avoid getting into any type of politics in the office.
  • Appreciate things and be thankful
    One of the best things you can do to your company is appreciating it for its good activities and being thankful to it for making you a part of the team. Many people have a habit of bad mouthing the boss or the company. These habits should be scrapped off as early as possible in order to rise professionally.
  • Say sorry and thank you
    These are the two magic words which can exist between a boss and a sub-ordinate. Be humble and say thanks for all the good the boss or the company has given you. At the same time do not shirk off the responsibility if you have done anything wrong. Accepting the mistake can put a big storm off.
  • Don’t undermine your attendence
    However good you are at work but if you are not regular to the office or not present there when the boss is relying on you, gets you negative marks. Be always present during the working hours and if there are any unavoidable circumstances, intimate the boss as soon as you can. Don’t take your attendance at office for granted.


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