Shocking reasons from fans: Why I believe in Sarkodie

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Throughout our online escapade, if there is one Celebrity in Ghana who can confidently say has loyal fans, Sarkodie comes into mind. This is manifested in the number of traffic per story posted on this medium. Doubling as media partner to Team Sarkodie, on Sarkodie Fan Club on Facebook posted on the page asking the ‘Sarkoholics’ (ardent fans of Sarkodie) why they believe in Sarkodie and there were shocking revelations. Unedited, below are the myriad of reasons why the Sarkoholics believe in Sarkodie;




  • Ny Kusi Edusei Sarkodie Ofcourse sizeless,deep story
  • Rollex Lawer Plange he is too good in rap and does unexpected things.SarkNation
  • Isaac Yaw Darko sark is very humble nd a respectful guy. He tkes advice frm de elderly. For instance his mum nd hammer nd de likes [email protected] makes him ma role model nd to believe in him. #sarkcess#huh!
  • K Antwi-Brefo Jnr just dont know what to say ba he is best anyway the best for ma liking
  • Dyrick Jeter Carter Rhymes u were just born to b a star…… trust
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  • Darlington Lomotey cox he x original
  • Magdiel Genesis Lickelson he started from the bottom and hes nw de biggest in gh…i luv his sick punches n lyrics…n swag too…dats y i believe sarkodie
  • Philip Kumi he is a hitmaker and an award winning artiste
  • Jingles Boadi Gyasi all wayz motivating……u so inspiring…
  • Sidiku Buari Requelme sark doesnt follow he formulates trenz.he is the best lyricist in africa
  • Fritz Zuttah he knows and understand music interms of rap
  • Kafiban Alloys Lyrics Self styled he z himself hes original represents ghana n africa
  • Bismark Asante Junior I will forever luv n lyk sarkodie cos his tracks has really changed me.huuuah
    • Chris Bee sarkodie is exceptional…so dynamic,infact de person who is trying to overtake him should train for centuries,cox sark is a God in rap and i mean it.#watelse
    • Chaz Lamar Wise-kid woooow…sarkodie is takin africa to the world..i luv sarknation
    • Misty Abdul Rahim Bcos he doesn’t disappoint his fans
    • Alfred ZIlla Amuah i think he is the next Jay Z and Kanye both fused together , u know like messi and maradona kinda like a reincarnation of two best MCs
    • Ahmed Suleman I believe in Obidi cos i knw he will never disappoint
    • Young Micpoc Pocket Immaculate He Is Respective Humble Good Looking Guy With Swag . Thats Y I Love My Man Sarkodie Rapper Holics
    • Samuel Oliver-junior i believe in him coz he is an undisputed example of the statement ”hard work pays” keep it up boss coz above the sky is the limit
    • Etoile Desailly Best Thing Tha Ever Happen To Ghana Music And Africa/world. He Motivates nd Inspire in most off his music. He is taken Ghana And Africa West Afirca to be precise to the World. God Bless Him… #SarkNation Till I Die. Sark Sark Sark… 
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    • Mamud Junior listening to sarkodie has brought a lot of changes in my live and making me realize in life you need determination,honesty,inspiration and most important humbleness..he answered all my question in his song ‘MILE 7 Saga..he brings dreams of every Sarkoholic into reality..THAT’S WHY I BELIEVE IN SARKODIE
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    • Opanyin Asante Phlash Sarkodie is an inspiration to the youth and black music. He’s been real from day 1.#cobyphlash
    • Paa Kwesi Prince sark i like you from day one….huh…..baako y3 10k…
    • Turu Blinks I lyk sarkodie to much and he has prove to the whole that u can rap in ur own language no matter where u come from and also motivate the youth to work harder,the most amazing one is he told shatta wale should not given and surely he is now there #shattasark
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    • Lionel Agyeman cha bedi, i always dey miss den tymes punch_lines oo,,, heerh: ‘nase mode mohototo obiga sebe poso na wotumide kotwa neto’,,, chaaarle obedi no size,, love u for ya strong lyrics,, n twistn style: rydes ago fi twist most ya lines. u rili givn me somthn do ma talent,,,, hhhhaahh!!!
    • Jerry Mays Amen Sarkodie is the best article in Ghana i always respect .. of coz what he’s words
    • Panyskinnysilencer De Bliccyblinks Megyewoboi Cus he’s de number 1 rapper in Gh ,he’s cute, he respect Gh ladies eg wht happend in Gh meet 9ja he did very well by haging de lady if it waz some1 he would hv pushed de lady away which he never did ,he’s nt arrogant………Lykseriosly SaRk u ar sizeless luv u bunch
    • Samie Ebo Otoo I believe in Sarkodie because of the depth of his creativity and the humor he adds to his lyrics, “money nobi problem, y33 balle, huh!!! are few of the jargons found on the lips of Ghanaians on the street. All initiated by “Sark”
    • Nhyiraba Yaw Agyenim-Boateng ladies and gentlemen,with divine authority,i hereby pronounce Micheal Mensah popularly known as Sarkodie Obidi pon bidi the best Africa rapper in the next 10yrs…hhuuuhh
    • Daakyehene Poyoz clock still clockwisin,produces saccumin to dier labelz,sound engineers yielin 2 dier beatx,co-mceess fastenin beatx 2 feature,winks cheerin n applasin 2 de man wid de dopest pounch-lines/lyricx in gh n africa##still stuntin @ sark….
    • Richard UpcomIng Obaapa Danso i love and Believe in Sarkodie bcos of his upliftment,
      i love and believe bcos God has lifted him from grass to grace
      and God will do same to me as well….! 
      #SarkoholicForLife #Huh
    • Keem Clark Words can’t just express why I love sark buh all I can say is that he is the Best of all times and he gotta be celebrated every month … #teamsark
    • Brezzy Barry Sarkodie is an inspiration to the world as a whole.obidi keep it up and make africa proud..
    • Nana Obie Tei I believe in sarkodie because he took hip life and twi pop to the world…were everone one cn enjoy even me in Australia
    • Edwin Addae I believe in and addicted to Sarkodie in the sense that he is ambitious,inspirational and selfless.Man,may the good Lord all ways bless you with more sarkcess in life.Sarkoholic forever till casket!
    • Qwameone GHana RM i belive in sark cos he belive in him self.he has de Can Do spirit.
    • Zaid Fabregas Good in all conners
    • Seidu Malik Mm short of wordz self
    • Alvin Qwessy The originality of sarkodie is sarkcess I like him because his the reason why people all over the world listen to Ghanaian music….HE Z VERSATILE. .#crucifix
    • Ayike Peterpasspee If Jesus should come from the house of commons( the poor) then everything is posible and SARK has done it for Ghana and the black race.listening to every music you on is like having orgasm
    • Abdul Rahaman Zakaria I lyk him b’cos he is always determined,he makes we african’s proud and always inspires we de listener in his music and i believe he is a God fearing person.Keep it up sark and we will always support u.God bless sark watels..
    • Joshua Nartey Sark * is d next big thing in d world.
    • Paul Ansah I am soo proud of Sarkodie bkoz even though he started frm the very scratch,he has made it all the way to the top…sarkodie inspires me alot through his music especiall#war-featuring 2face…..teamSark/Sarknation
    • Dominic Bouncy He is the definition of the word hiplife and rap and nothing else.5yrs and counting more awards.
    • Frank Elliot He made me sick anytime he is on the mic.and trust me even if we need blood 4 u to stay in de music industry den am ever ready to cut off head for u sark, i luv u.stay bless
    • Arhu Francis I believe in sarkodie cos he is determine to change Africa
    • Shawny Bills sarkodie inspire mi wid his music. ..almost all of his tunes is like he s preaching my life wid his music
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    • Richy Ash Thunder cox he is sizeless
    • Daakyehene Roca huuuuuh….got definition 4 himself n has really toiled to get here…no tym 4 dulling
    • Sarah Boateng I Sarah like Sark because he is humble and fear God.
    • Best Poet I believe in raw talent,talent with humble begining,a man who doesnt give up on his burning desire,love for the ordinary fan on the street,a man who believes in creativity,punchlines,dope lyrics,die hard rap,sick tunes,mic destroyer,full of humour,down to earth,business minded,evergreen and fresh approach to music all the time,icon to the young and aged,brother,lover of peace and an ambassador of hope and self confidence to poets like me.what else can i say? Huuuuuh!
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    • Nana Yaw Edward because he made me stop listening to american hip-hop.Adonai
    • Young Gerald Cheezuss i personally believe in sarkodie becauase …. we’ve seen alot of ghanaian artist that has poped up in our music industry and there never been any artist whos sold our music to the world like hes doing now… Apart from that hes the only artist to stay consistant in the game ever since he came up, others come and fall. he has changed the game ….. and thats why i believe sarkodie, im a proud sarkoholic
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    • Sam IceBerg He has been the greatest rapper i have ever seen or heard in Ghana and He is so humble in everything he does…..He has got the Sarkcess…….
    • Nana Adjoa Blinks I love him coz, he’s the best ever, very humble , will love him in our next generation , in fact he can’t be compared NEVER !!!!!
    • Davis Mcdaniel Rexyz cux he x #1 in Gh.#team sark
    • Mosphere Hail’s Atmosphere l @mosphere lyk him….cos he always want 2 b on top….nd hez pushn gh 2 de highest level.
    • Isaac Koomson He is the magnificent one Africa and the World has never seen before….
    • Sarkodie Derrick i just loved his style,words n cant wait to hold him one day…….too much high emotion
    • Abdul Razacq Salifu sarkodie made me fall for Gh music whn i was maddly in luv wit d foreign songs……HE IS D MUSICAL LIONEL MESSI.
    • Prince Saleem he is an inspiration rapper and what i like most about him is his lyrics are so deep and touching. also he speaks with his heart. he is just wonderful.
    • West Side Kidd Since Kasahapi
    • Dacosta Owusu Ziggy he is a good musician, fear God, hard in every thing he do. l like the way he mention God name in Avery track, l believe he is the return of 2 PAC AMALU.SARK u ar too much. he is the best rapper in Ghana even Africa. BIG SARK.OBIDI,NUMBER 1,FROM THE GETTOH,C9.u ar too much big bro
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    • Kwadwo Kusi-Appiah God has really blessed u, no wonder u hav invested ur money into other fields…from above
    • Paino Nana Yaw Jnr I believe in sarkodie because he is a dream chaser and i am too..
    • West Side Kidd Since Kasahari level time…i heard sarkodie’s flow,i was shedding tears..and up till now, when i hear sark’s flow, it heals me..i knew it that he will be the captain of Ghana music..i feel like i can’t really explain what makes me believe in him..
      Mohammed Ayaatulai Umain (True Sarkoholic heading to Sarkcess)
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    • Bryan AlwaysTrapped Brooks Thug U Really Made a Huge impact On We The Young ones…I know U back in the days @ comm9 U went from #Ripped Shoes to#Sarkodie Shoes . I now Look Up And Say Sarkodie is From Tema and He had nothing Look Now , so Its Very possible God Is The GreatesT.. TemaBoys Refuse 2 B Broke
    • Hamida Aikins Miles Asante Sarkodie, I have followed as a fan from your days in kasahari level, when you were undefeated, watch you perform at big shows even when u did not have a hit single yet, performing with just random beats and people feeling it. Through to when ”BABY” was released, the song that shot you up there. Gaining you five awards including the ”Artiste of the Year”, as a new artiste, that was very impressive. Performing on major on major shows with great artiste in and out of the country, releasing your albums (Makye, Rapperholic & Sarkology), Being to two of your album release concerts (Rapperholic & Sarkology). I have followed you through up till dates as a fan. From the first time i heard you I knew you were going to be big, and since then i decided to be your fan. Low and behold you’ve become bigger than i
      I imagined, Fuck that, in fact, the biggest ever in the Musical History of Ghana. I wish i could boldly say am your biggest fun, but, for your career to grow this far within 5 years or so, being so loved to extent of a fan cutting through her skin with a blade to write your name, a fun who tattooed your name on her breast (and am pretty much sure she has a boyfriend), for a fun to come up on stage to you AND lie down on the floor praising you, getting hypnotized after hugging you, I cannot say am your biggest fan. Such a blessing, you’ve suffered a lot coming up as a kid and young talented rapper coming out of the hood. Of course you dreamt big but, not to this extent. You the best, mannn. I mean you the fucking best. Michael Owusu, pka S.A.R.K.O.D.I.E. You’ve earned it Man. YOU HAVE EARN IT. ALL HAIL THE KING.
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    • Bright Krypton I believe in Sarkodie because he inspires me. I remember way back in my primary school days, I would sit back and listen to him on Dr. Duncan’s Kasahare levels. Nobody believed in him then but he was determined. He didn’t rush to come from the underground scene like most artistes do but rather developed his talent gradually. Today, one can safely say he is one of Africa’s best rappers if not the best. TRUE INSPIRATION. [[GILBERTKRYPTON]] Gilbert Akuetteh
    • Marc Nana Owusu he is a motivational person to many n a mentor to most
    • Qwabena Pidgin i believe in sarkodie because i have seen his strategy and where he is heading towards.i know his type very well, all they know is to archive and control.please i can’t really go deep. #positive energy #
    • Marvin YungKhalifa Okwensy am marvin okwensy in USA Virginia i kno sark kno Virginia n da reason i like him is sark is every hardworking guy n he fear god to u kno all those niggas out der wen dey get thier mafucking money dey start messing their freaking lyf around n ur music are gud to luv u
    • Gylfi Bee Hes’ s One THAT Make Real Music, Motivational Songs, Tells You How To Move On In Life, And Always REMEMBER That There Are Bad Ones Among You, And No Matter How Hard Life Is ALWAYS Put GOD First. He’s Like A Father To The Fatherless, Inspires Me When Ever I Hear His Tracks Especially Inshira With Castro. And Just As He ADVICE WE His Followers, He Also Takes His Inspiration & Advice From People Like # HAMMER Of The LAST2, Okomfour Quad3e , Obrafour, And This Oteng Guy. Lol! That’s A Good Thing To Do, Always Note That Before You Came, Some Where There Before You So You’ll Need advice On How To Walk On That Path You’re ON Now. Thump Up OBIDIPOM BIDI. Keep Up The Good Work. And Always RemeMBER tO pUT GOD First
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    • Moni Mike Darkwa Simple he’s a king of gh music
    • John Kofi Brobbey I believe in my role model Sarkodie because he has inspire me from day one not as a rapper but has shown me life nothing is impossible, I pray dat I see Sarkodie before I die, I really like him with all my heart n soul, Sark forever, I love u!
    • Dickson Kojo Odame sark am short of word cos u are great man
    • Davvid Coophy i really like his branding am guy who grew up in tema and saw a lot of artist who made a hit with a song and tink that all they also will be seen all over the place but this is a guy who mean business u hardly see him even wen come to the studio he is indoor till his done with wat he came to do. i remember one day at the studio with him n r2bees wen he was abt to realease his gunshot music he was to drink but he refuse. it not common to have hiphop artist with dis characteristics. also he is humble and very frindly n hardworking. #LOVE U SARKODIE
    • Nonfatic Stress Shuga #sarkodie is so real…he understands what he does and he is using his talent…after all what people say about him..he still holds on much less sarkodie believes in God and dats enough reason for me to be his #1 fan…
      long live #sarkoholics
      i love sarkodie
      i love rapperholic
      i love sarkology
    • Zion Ayison Sark is de Universe……..bless ma bro
    • Ernest Nana Akuffo Addo Sarkodie’s stories has always be like mine and anytyme I hear music it remanins of sumtin,that I should not give up but keeps on work hard..sark for life.
    • Ruben Azigiza Godfirst Dusu Sarkodie after all his achievements and many more to come,continues to humble himself even the more………..this is just one of the reasons I believe in Sarkodie
    • Killi Rep Ma Hood i rilli lyk sark coz he iz always on point n blessed by THE ALMIGHTY GOD…
    • Syde A Attrakta man.. u keep learning…. u Global.!!
    • Pocket Moni I just love the way you rap and your personality
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    • Ofori Joseph He is de best in (rick ross voice).so far he is de best rapper in de world whether de world will agree with me or not.and i will always worship u n ur muzik n can even die 4 u Sark.Sark de best mic in ghana n across de world.SarK !Jesus christ in ghana muzik,yaa pono de john de baptize n manifest de deciple in ghana muzik.Sark am sick for u. Sark be gud,stay bless n Gods protections be unto u!
    • Wiz Nana Osei QuophiKid I believe in him coz hiz muzick taLks abt #Life n the#wrds in it help see hw Life is….. manh u be #ShattaSark for #reaL coz u aLwaez keepiN Id #triLL n u aLwaez gonna pIck de grammIEz lyk piece of cake…#huuuuuuh
    • Orichy For-Christ sarkodie is the next biggest thing the world is yet to experience. we aint seeing anything yet. what he does (rap) is his nature. hhaaaahhh!!!
    • Jay Cube Junior hes my inspiration. any tym i heard his voice i go mad and dat it obidi for u .man keep lifting the flag of Ghana high we dey support u till the end
    • McJake PaaKwesi Kings-Chisco i like Michael Owusu Addo aka Sarkodie because he inspires me a lot…not only in music but in life…whenever i see him or listen to his songs…it makes me know that indeed hard work really pays n this motivates me to strive n work hard, be determined n that in everything God first…Huurhhnn!!!!!!!!!!! #SarkCess
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    • Quame Adjei Cos he’s all I hear apart from Gods voice
    • Maybach M Banks I believe in sarkodie! Because he is fluent in his own languages and can rap with it faster than fast!!!!!
    • Saaneye Emmanuel Doe i believe in Sarkodie because he is a dope rapper nd also talks abt wat lyf really entails. Am nt one of does hu started listenin 2 him wen he shot into fame or wen he came into de limelight. i started listenin 2 him durin de tym he was going to Adom Fm 4 a program dubbed “Kasahari Level” hosted by de den Dr. Duncan. He neva lost a battle. He was even judged de best underground rap artist durin doz tym nd i knew dat wen he finally gets de exposure he’s goin 2 bi gr8 nd he neva dissappointed mi. I am very very proud of his achievements nd pray dat de almighty God dat lifted him 2 where eva he is now shld bi wit him in al his endeavours. #TeamSark4eva#.
    • Jesse Boham DesBordes I believe in sark because he’ s original and lyrics are unlimited n are on point!!!
    • Max Luther Sark came into the game and had a plan; to change it with his style, maintain it n be on top and make de rest follow his standards. He is always on point in his flows and am gonna borrow his words “I rap in twi cos I wanna be comfortable in my zone” and with this he is our nations most decorated artiste. He has studied people and now those peeps are looking up to him. Big ups#SarkNation.
    • Dynelle X-cort i believe in Sarkodie bcos da name itself “okordie” is a eagle. and u always see eagles flying high beyond thousand miles away. sarkodie just seems to be lyk a eagle he never dissapoint dats why we believe in him!#teamsark to da world!
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    • Tiika Winner sarkodie has inspiring lyrical content, #moneynobeproblrm
    • Starboy Nana Sarkodie Messidona I am Proud to be a Sarkoholic.I have been a from day 1 still date,following every move that he takes and he is my inspireder,following his lifestyle,music etc.when i see him winning awards makes me feel like Ghana has won the World Cup.So am very very very proud that am a SarkFun and not just like a Fun but a true true true Fun from kasahari to Maky3 Album to Rapperhollic and till now Sarkology.Bigups to Dr.Duncan for bringing him up to this stage and shouts to all the management for making this SarkCess.
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    • MyckwatzupGh Philemon life is better if u have dialetics of ideas …………. with opposing thoughts from the public Sark was pushed to prove critics wrong and in the end his sarkology album is shooting him up the pinnacle. So just dont give up wif such opposing thoughts. Can list to Elijah and Rap attack like crazy.
    • Lizarto Kollectionz Sark is de real definition of ghanaian hip pop, Congrate!
    • Roy G-mart Gyekeson De name z martinson from Ashaiman….. I lyk sark bcos of his energy, determination, flow nd composure. He dosnt mix inspiration music of his to de fun music of his and also wen on stage ohhh woooww always on track never disappoint ever on any show as well…….. Yhu r indeed ”allegic to defect” huuhh! Watelse- addicted to success
    • Bashir Suleiman Sarkodie made me understand you can make it in life by no copying from others but staying original. and if u stay original and believe in God the sky isnt the limit but the starting point. i believe in u cos u made me a hustler and a goal getter. u will be my inspiration all day every day. money no be problem bashir said so
    • Slick Pappy Da Pralem I believe in Sorkodie because he inspires u with wat he says and to me he is the best in the world. I listen to sark ‘s music than any other artiste in GH. N i knw he will continue to do more dan this. He is a nice person too .
    • Andre Mystic Wills Hmmm am SARK fun frm day 1 til today he also makes me happy wen i see him winning awards,frm maky3 to rapperholic to sarkology he making mavellouse in our music industry,every tym i always listen his music and without him no music
    • Prince Owusu Goodboy my name is lactogen from mallam .sark always give me something i can Bragg about .i like everything about him and am proud to be a sarkonian
    • Qwesi Sarpong The name is kwesi,Sarkodie is just not an inspirational person to all,but he affects lives with music and persona.He has defied all odds and stay on top till this day.
    • Sharif Abdulmumin Shala I love n believe in Sarkodie becos he he got de talent as a Musician n he is hard working becos wen others re sleeping Obidi is in de studio. He has also branded himself very well into a legendary status.
    • Adwoa Konadu Yiadom i really do love him.He never gave up and now he is doing big big things.i love the way he rap expecially that song Original is killing i wish he was my brother
    • Oteng Richard He is peerless.
    • Freshy Lamptey My name is Najib Lamptey, my friend’s call me Lil Sark because any song I sing is from Sarkodie and also I don’t have any other song apart from his on my phone. Honestly I don’t have much to say but I think Sarkodie has cast a spell on me because I can’t believe it myself why I love Sarkodie so much. Everything this man does is on point and trust me, I have never heard anything bad about him ever since he got in the music industry, he is actually the man I look up to and I want to be everything like him, he is my rule-model. His pictures and songs are full up on my laptop and phone, I have all his albums, from MAKY3 to Sarkology, and trust me I can single almost everything on Sarkology, from 2Paddies ft. Joey-B TO Yall Ready Know … I love this man so much (No Homo)
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    • Karmashi Baaba Garbrah I love Sarkodie Bcos he’s original#no fake things#he has never repeated a rap line….dats real hard work..
    • Abubakar Sharif His life of liven, his speach, lyric n music infact #sark is too much
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    • Lebron Rich Bagwell sarkodie is taking african hiphop high and we are proud of dat.i believe he will do more than dat cus he is africa no.1.God bless #africa#Ghana #teamsark #huuuuuuh
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    • Nanalda Raph i believe in him #sarkodie
    • Doudi Rich When we talk of having to work hard,persevere,putting God first n leading a life in the music industry in Ghana and the music world as a whole,SARKODIE is the name.He’s proved to every Ghanaian,that it doesn’t matter where you are from,just believe in yourself and believe in what you doing,when your times comes there’s no stopping you.
      #sarknation #Godfirst #youknowthatlaughhemakesin songs ……..ha! haaa……..Wat!
    • Gad Agyemang Safo because he has totally changed the hiplife scene..and it seems he win any nomination that he is nomited…men sarkodie is tthe man
    • Dimbie Abdul-razak I follow sarkodie because just like Kwame Nkrumah, he has decoded one of the biggest secrets ever know to humanity. LOOK OUT FOR “GROK: THE ACT OF GOD”
    • Dosage Abeiku Sark I believe in sarkodie,sark, obidiponbidi,a.k.a you knw what time idis, you knw say money no be problem?,straigh up,now,what else?,yes,huh,whoaie coz he is born to win artist. He is loyal and friendly
    • Louiz Nazallo DaleemaMandzukic frm the beginning of michael owusu addo a.k.a sarkodie, i hv luv him till now cos he makes me feel like someone else. even if sarkodie cough n it comes out, i will download n listen….. sark, u are real like u……………………………………….. my name is prince mandy a.k.a the young sark…….
    • Ralph General i believe in sarkodie because he is real and to me he is the defintion of RAP…
    • Stephen Sunkwah #now! gimme a book gimme a pen cos am gono write,, ago scream ya name in the air cos aga the right #hhaah!,, Sarkodie be the boss man anodey lie #whad!, from de top to de down u for check his swag #now!,,,,,do do do do doti do u for shout the name #sark#U_KNOW_WA_TYM_ID_IZ…….#Sark_Rap
    • Emmanuel Anim He is young legend
    • Stunna Amen I just don’t know how to start listing all the thousand reasons why i believe in u,u are the way in rap,u took rap to a different level wit ur originality.
    • Quench Samuelson My name is Isaac Ayeh a.k.a QUENCH. Well i believe in sarkodie bcos he is gud in wat he does n also believes in hardworking.His lifetime story also inspire me to knw that in life with patience,prayers n hardwork, u will surely get to the top.#go team sark#
    • Junior Xavi no unique of him .. Teamsark …….alwawaes da first .. making gh proud ….God bless u sark …..we luvs u…
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    • Sandra Kofiloto Sandra from kpone I believe in sarkodie because he believes in himself
    • Perry Iris Flocka i believe nd love sarkodie becos he was noo one and now with hardwork and percifearance he has made it to de top..M3 tag noe y3 #Sark!!
    • Fred Dizzyface Delali I believe in Sarkodie because he does good music for all.
    • Bryte Twitch I believe in SaRkodie cuz he x ARTISTIC n d REALEST rapper i av eva known…..go SaRk cough n i ll listen
    • 15 hours ago · Like · 1
    • Dosage Abeiku Sark I like and believe in sarkodie and am proud to be sarkoholic and teamsark. I love his stage performance. Whaen i comes o stage performance this man is crazy,creative and active. He is an artist who never need to call on fans when he is on stage coz he is always on point. He is the best i have ever seen. I have never witness his live performance b4 buh he is original. He is no folow folow he formulate trend for people to folow and that makes him unique
      15 hours ago · Like · 1
    • Samuel Nana Kissi Al-phabet I believe in Sarkodie for so many reasons and i will share some with you.1)Sark is Godfearing;.He aknowledges the prescence of God in his life.He give thanks to God on each Sarkcess that comes his way.For that reason i believe in Sark. 2)Sark is Talented; From a difficult Genre of music called hiphop,Sark has proved to all Ghanaians his talent even though he had challenges in Life.They never brought him down but rather pushed him to the limit.And as an appreciation to rap music he did..”Dear Rap”.. 3)Sarkodie is Original; To win a BET award with twi is something no one has ever thought of Ghana.I remmember he once said “i rap in Twi because i want to be King in my own zone”.and that shows how original he is not throwing his Ghanaian culture but rather respecting it..4)Sarkodie is Versatile;..He is not like other “boring” rappers who think rap is all about words without any sense in them..Sark is good at blending Rap with Gosple(Onyame Ahyira,Adonai,Halleluya etc),High life( odo yede ft kofi B,My Baby),Afro pop(Down on one,you go kill me etc),Hiphop(Shots on shots,illuminati,preach,Lies,Bounce etc)…5)Sarkodie is neat and very good at selecting his outfit;There has been no single day i havent admired his dressing.From African prints to Hiphop style,sark is always on point…6)Sarkodie is business minded; Sark has always believed in himself and has seen himself to be a brand not only in music but also in the business world.With his Sark Shop and Rap University,there is no doubt he is the 8th most bankable artiste in Africa..7)Sarkodie has a GOOD management.And to that i say big ups to Sammy Forson and the Sark Team for such a wonderful job…8) Sarkodie gives back to society;.He believes in the streets where he made it from and pays back as a way of saying Thank You.This can be seen from The Sarkodie Foundation which he launched on his Birthday 10th July..9)Sarkodie is very humble and respectful; He gives respect to those who paved way for him like Obrafour,Reggie Rockstone,Samini and the rest.He believes and respects them….10) And above all SARKODIE IS THE BEST..AND I WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE AND SUPPORT HIM 4EVA..LONG LIVE SARK,LONG LIVE GHANA…MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU…LOVE U FOREVER…HUUHH BAAKO YE 10 k
      15 hours ago · Like · 2
    • Teminata Swift Braynt i luv sark cuz he z a legendary rapper
    • Skenzy Moni I believe in #sark #sarkodie #obidi because he a prodigy
    • Abdul Majeed Eric I Believe in Sarkodie cos he believe in him self he does good music not only in Ghana and Africa but to the rest of de world he is one Artist who has always been on point n study the industry before he brings out his music and dat is something i really like we need to know where is world is going before u bring or come out with something cos u just dont go to de studio on record even though there are times dat u get into studio do songs n make it a hit but sarkodie him self has taken GH to de next level n if any of you will believe wat i am saying he is de only Artist who do Good music with good Qualities Video n growing bigger n bigger if am lying someone should reply my messages he does real hipop Songz n most of all de twi ting has show GH dat language is not a problem so far as he do it well
      15 hours ago · Edited · Like · 1
    • Betty Dapaah Luv sark of his good music
    • Kun Abora alot a say u will read aaa u will not finish about sark coz me sark 4 me de hole world
    • Eric Korsah the name is Yaw young-samba from Ghana , why sarkodie ? jux because the is the best of his time , I remember we’v been in the same recording studio (DONZ mic entertainment) when he advised me to keep on with prayer hard work and determination in what ever I do ….I tried and its works for me as well so I will say he is not only a RAPPER but he is one of the biggest inspiration in GHANA MUSIC industry shut out to ma man Sark ama biggest fun u will never loose ……..and watch out for me tho cox am coming with full vim the sky is our limit lets fly together…..gunsalutz”
    • Kweku Andoh I love sarkodie because he is always #sarkedup
    • Kofi Ofosu-hene Darko i believe in sarkodie because he really knows what he is about in what he is doing and moreover i believe there is non like him in this rap game…i am samuel Jeezy
    • Holic GH I love sarkodie because,he is a kind of person who does not allow situatation to over come him,and if u know much about sarkodie since his childhood,then u will know that he has been through alot but never gave up till he got to where he is now,he is the person u can chose as your role-model..big ups mr.sarks
      15 hours ago · Like · 1
    • Nana Akwasi Asiamah Maxibillion i believe in sark cos he is so humble and respect people around him….he always want people around him to become what they and he believe in them on what ever they do to help him to become sarkcess.
    • Charlie Hill I love everything about Sarkodie.words cant express how i feel for him and his songs.SarkNation-Workshop..CHARLES BINGO
    • Charles Fatau I believe in people who influence the youth with what they do. Sarkodie has his own style of rapping which all the the youth accepted. Look on the streets of Accra Ghana””” all the up and coming rappers want to look like Sarkodie. The cut their hairs like his, they rap like him coz they believe in the style he brought into the industry. even some of the big stars in Ghana are rapping like Sarkodie. He is a man of himself.
      15 hours ago · Like · 2
    • Baba Ronaldo De Ymcmb Bcos ur so original n independent baba ronaldo de ymcmb
    • Oteng Chalky i believe in sarkodie sak of he be bossu number 1
    • Isaac Benchi frm day one i saw ur peromance 2008 npp campaign rally, yu did a freestyle wid de mc’s. Mehn i believed in u and i said tu maself dah yu are a real mc.
    • Kobina Annan Sarkoholic because he’s the BEST I’ve ever seen…a genius!!!
    • Jay Newton Sark is rap itself,He has taken GH rap to a different level,he is at the top and no other GH rapper can get close,whenever i get pissed i listen to his flows and im okay,Sark has never disgraced me,He is loyal and God Fearing,I know his mum is always proud of him and im too,He is very friendly and respects himself alot,What a Gentleman,His swagg always #OnPoint,Style #check…Creativity #check ….Originality #check …Appearance #check …Speech #Check …Sark Dance #check …Punch lines #check …He is going to win BET for the second time…#SarkNation_Till_I_Casket..
    • Justice Mckinnon i love sark cos,,,in d mere future he will b pickin grammy awards
      15 hours ago · Edited · Like · 1
    • Yurie Young He is just making the tema people proud…..
    • Sarah Zoiku I knew Mike way back n i remember telling Duncan Mike will make it years to cum.To God be the glory he is making it n am so proud of him.He is very humble n i thank God for giving dat to him.God bless his hustle n #teamsark
    • Ama Boakyewaa Ansong He’s the best in Ghana music
    • Joyceline Afrakomah I BELIEVE in Sakordie because he sings with passion, e way he gathers words or idea lemme say e content n concept to bring out e best in him is even enough for to believe in him. Sometimes i just sit quietly n listenin vigilantly whenever his song is playin n just go so low within ma heart infact he’s ma source of inspiration if not the best
    • Cornelius Nii Armah big ups to team sark
    • Farouk X Umar-Farouk When someone beleives in himself u got beleive in him.sark is the future
    • Robert Antwi Nuamah Sark’s got an inherent ability to release punches…making him original n the dopest mc in west Africa as well..n i love him for the fact that he acknowledges jesus..u dare not call him illuminati…#hurhh! Baako y3 100k..#teamsark#tmboysinnathebuilding
    • Janet Abagena Sark is too much for me i don’t even no how to express my self
    • Joel Kwashie I believe in him bcos the future of african music (ghana) is “HIMSELF”
    • Janet Abagena Am ur big tym fun wai dear
    • Joel Kwashie He is the one going to take ghanaian music to the next level
    • Oposey Colemann Base-two Sarkodie baako p3, wo nwu da GYE NYAME.#ONE#
    • Pee Brown he got big potential and good impact, Sarkodie is the only artist that whose fan got a tattoo of his name. The reason why i believe in Sarkodie is because he will take grammy no doubt.#Sarknation repin#
    • Paa Kwesi Frempong I love sarkodie because #HAA Bako y3 10k
    • Akanmagilem James Ntawine i luv his smiles and confident
    • Ofori Amanfo believe in u coz u humble;kept ur long distance with awurama tracy;got hard punch lines n after that all u the best.#sarknation best of all time
    • Michael Opoku sarkodie is a star boy and i realy like him becose that man is my mentor “I love his music”…….very much
    • Umar Farouk i love everything about him….i love sark thé boss of thé bosses….umar farouk. fark….See Translation
    • Fidelis Herald Skarletz I believe in sarkodie because he is real and always stay original.he ‘s got no time for haters and critics……sark 4 life
    • Phocuz Manful i believe in sarkodie becos he has some motivation nd some inspiration in his music….i he always makes me happy whenever i listen to his music…..SARK 4 LIFE….
    • Nana Kofi Acheampong He is da leader of the skuul new Gh music…he be the king kong confidential he is Gh last man standin we call him Escoba…he believe in God nd he gah hip hop in his DNA…Sark for 4ever teamsark follow me on twitter @saga1800
    • Kella E. Desbi When i think of # sark he strengthens me b’cos he never gave up when things became tough.When i listen to his musics,it gives me hope for tomorrow and calms my nerves down.His life style and all he’s been through has given me the courage to support my guy through our trying times.He is a real talent and i believe there is nothing involve apart from God.May God bless u # sark nd keep the fire burning.luv obidi no size
      14 hours ago · Like · 1
    • Ing Lincoln Edward Nyarko Sarkodie, i call him the lyrical beast lol… He is among d few rappers of all tyms who r able to deliver no matter the situation, he is ma mentor n i believe in him. These r my reasons…. His 1: Lyrical Capacity 2:Relevant Subject Matter 3: NIce, Smooth, Natural FLow 4:Technical ( use of similes, metaphors, punchlines) 5: Rhyme Skills 6: Able to deliver at any live event or show with his stage creativity etc. to add it to all his energetic flow is awesome.
    • Prince Yamoah sark , prince yamoah
    • Samuel Asare He is da leader of the skuul new Gh music…he be the king kong confidential he is Gh last man standin we call him Escoba…
    • Albert Footsteps Junior I can write a whole book abt Michael Owusu Addo and why I believe in him but this will be just a summary.. First and foremost he acknowledges God all the time.. He’s always bent on making his fans proud, he’s the reason why I believe talent is just not enough but u have to really work hard to achieve ur goal.. He’s proved critics wrong when he was accused of not being able to spit in English.. His versatility has given him the upper hand always. Sarkodie is a teacher and also a student.. He is always ready to learn and improve so he keeps soaring higher. I was so so delighted when I first met him in person at the barber shop wid ma bro,(I hope he remembers) , his humble nature, how he related to us. We could never never get enough of him. I know we definitely gonna meet him again. Huurrh baako y3 10k
    • Silas Ashiteye Cos ur punch lines really inspire me
    • Isaac Nana Qwame SarkAsante He is the best rapper alive in Gh he has really impacted more believe in the youth to follow their dreams and hopes…infact he has a dream n i think de sky is the starting point of his life ..
      14 hours ago · Like · 1
    • Pin Kode Micheal Owusu Addo……S.A.R.K
      O.D.I.E good at EVERYTHING he does. my man
      14 hours ago · Like · 1
    • Spartan Angel Sark, I call him the lyricist though Pope Skinny has taken that upon himself already.. I think Sark is the best thing to have ever happened to the Ghanaian Music scene and I am glad that he came in my generation and he will be remembered as the best ever.. 7 Years No flop, Charlie, this man is Awesome… Edmund Amartey
    • Sedy Reks Marcony Inspirational humble decent nd hardwrkin dats wat meks him different luv ya
    • Saeed Paedae Sarkodie does nt feel big of who he aminu
    • Ebenezer Manu Ebenezer Manu’ i believe in Sark because he is every good in every thing he do i am really be sure that he is very good at bed…Sarkodie no size.
    • Nana Quophi-Beng Safo Douglas Sark is e best & baddest MC Gh has ever seen as rap music is concern,he has brought Rap music to a different level,different perspective,Gud music,Sick videos,scary punch lines & alwyz killing it.He is e King of e undaground,e old skul,new skul trend,making money,putting Gh on e map international wth Rap music & our language.With me i believe Sark can do anytin wth Rap.. No Doubts..! Obidiponbidi Mr Rap Bruce Willis Sark U e KING & will alwyz be e KING. huuuuuuh….. xxx..
    • Sarkodie Ampomah Faustina Delay jst hearing his voice makes me calm
    • Richmond Kaval McCarthy Jr. I jxt believe him bcuz he is not limited and he suffered a lot and he deserves to be on level he is today…..way back 4rm c9..and de way he believes in himself….itz so bad I haven’t had de meet him and tell him dis buh I guess dis is de ryt platform to let him knw…#i_luv_sarkodie
    • D Bone Loso jux his dressing n kind of music makes me feel good
    • Ebenezer Caudatum Akwafo he works really hard
    • Nana Awuah Sark dey already knw# dope tunes….. What else man
    • Trinity May IceEvans He has plenty Names as pple call him,but all i hav to say is he rap’s and sing’s wit his life from childhood and Dat is takin him far as am concern he will rule de industry till he is tired and decide to stop all quit,,,sark is even helpin Ghanaians to wear a home cloths called sark collections and dats serves as employment to pple who are working der.##OBIDI NUMBR 1 HE IS DE BEST M.C….###EVANS ADOMAH IS MY NAME…
    • Ameshinu Morris Honestly Sarkodie is a real hustler he pass through so many things the same thing is happening to me now so i used to listen to his advisable songs mile saga be my ringing tone sarnation
    • Jallo Arun He really hard working person and very talented.
      13 hours ago · Like · 1
    • Nani Kyngnystro Banky StarboyWizkid nAni, sarkodie is a mahn hu das nt uses wha he got to brag…he bi dha bEst mC ever gh produce
    • Kenneth Mackson Sark is Natutally African he believes in Africa where he came out from he doesn’t pretend to be what he is not like all these european American wanna be Rappers that we have in Africa . My instant keep tellling me that if there’s any African artist that can win the Grammyz,then it has 2 be Sarkodie……..mY Names are ..Kenneth osazuwa mackson
    • Paul Stewart I belv SARKODIE cuz he is the chosen one. GH number 1 DAPPER RAPPER…
    • Lêñ Så #SArk has grown in the industry. He is not jux a name But big brand. Punchline on point,video on point, right featuring decisions,updating fans on point, discipline on point, stage dierr boboo, 
      I love his act, u can’t take anything from him.
      13 hours ago · Like · 1
    • Lêñ Så Tetteh Emmanuel
      13 hours ago · Like · 1
    • Bright Drah i lov dis guy cos he has soo much believe in God and in him self big up ma guy long life long music,
    • Nana Kwame Nsenkyire I love sarkodie for who he was and what he is now(i love all your songs that talks about how u started and where u are). I think we all have the same history and We are all raising flag higher for the whole world to see.
    • Mohammed Fabio Mohammed Marizooq, north suntreso sarkodie youu are my man i like you they way you are sark keep it up because the sky is your limit
    • Real Casnva i believ in him bcuz he’s rapperdicted to all sorts of music he will always be the best!!casnova be me
    • Bismark Real Döñ Okyere I believe in sarkodie cus he is de real rappa in ghana and in africa as well i love him.Bismark okyere is de name
    • Shad Sakida Emmanuel shad sakida Emmanuel……Sarkodie,i believe in you cos..when i listen to ya songs it keeps me strong in my life tyme cos i knw one day i wud be successful in life like u snr….i’m still an upcomin and u r my role model….i love all ya songs most especially HALLELUJAH,When I Grow Up,LIES,LIFE,FACES OF LIFE,Onyame ahyira,Adonai,ORIGINAL…Cant even mention all broh….u still gonna be the best rapper of all tyme broh..keep it up mahn….INFACT that Lady who cried infront of u did NOTHING….i wud have cried morethan that..buh i am hpping to see u SARK…U r really a LEGEND…I love u moreeee…….ONE-HAND
    • Gaema Anass He is good Pearson also a good rapper .am Sark Gaema
    • Awal Cicinho I dont even know what to say for now because Sark makes my day always when i listen to his tune and also i believe he is God gift of Rap
    • Ju Nior full vim
    • Benjamin Benjamin I dont just believe in him but have faith in him and ad well.i like him because he motivate,inspire,educate and always respect himself,and also respect for elders.he bdlieves in God as well and always try to help the needy.Mr Sarkodie is an all time rapper for me i dont compair him to Africa but the world because J.ZAY can never rap pass Mr Sarkodie tweeeeaaaaaaaaa,never not even busta rymes.i love Mr Sarkodie soooooo much but no homo no homo.untill death,no one can over take you
      13 hours ago · Like · 2
    • Asare Baffour Baffour from Agogo,Ashanti Region…the only artist in Ghana to win the artist of de year todega wid de discovery of de year wid his first album..he has grown frm a talented rapper to a super,video,performance,etc. is jux always ryt. sark has being on point ryt frm his mixtapes way back till now. *its being a long tym coming finally m’adru.* obidiponbidi
      13 hours ago · Like · 1
    • Ibrahim Bashirutoure he talk much about himself wen doing rap.he think for all,bigups sark u r the man keep on wt ur advice to we the young
    • Nana Akua Adwubi Kete I Jst lyk his songs
    • Ibrahim Bashirutoure he represent the state to the fullest.teamsark. he is not dada b buh real hustler.ç9 baby
    • Fontana D’exquisite Lad I believe Sarkodie because he has erased the notion that says “u can’t make it” from a humble background..he is now world acclaimed..everything is POSSIBLE
      12 hours ago · Like · 1
    • Ibrahim Bashirutoure more awards 4 ya broh.u kull snow b from tema hoping to c ya again
    • Negro Jute McCoy indeed ure ORIGINAL,cos u hav a style dat is incomparable…wen Sarkodie startd,i saw samtin dfrent in him,somtin evri body wanted…i lov dis of his li….”son of a b”tch,a told u n””ggz to noe me heah,cos im noewn 4wakin up n kissn all ma trophies”grt talented RAPPER of our tym, Go#sark Go 
    • Negro Jute McCoy #sark has also exibitd ALL WALKS OF LIFE in his music career…being it lov,respect,peace,progress,unity,hustle, #money,faith etc n above all GOD fearing n in all dis,ehy wont he be succesful… I lov u #sark … #huuuh
    • Agarthaba Yaw Tipsy inspire.tipsy
    • Zulkarnain Abdulwasirunity I just luv everythn abt u am wasir
    • Faisal Helwanie Cuz he took our rap muzik to the next level
    • Drake Citizen Kobbie sarkodie is a best rapper alive,if you want to talk about sarkodie i dont think you going to end now.
    • Jamal Mohammed I’ve been listening to your free styling since 2009 and from that day i promise to become Sarkoholics and because of that rap has also come my daily routine God bless you Sarko
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    • Fada Sark Love him bcos he is #humble #respectful #Hardworker in fact everything abt him. #SarkNation
    • Giphtie Amenze Brown I love Sarkodie because he x real in wat he does n a gud rapper too