I’ve never been arrested; Stay Jay is behind this defamation – ‘Yenko nkoaa’ hitmaker Eduwoji angry

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918053535_611360Over the weekend, news went viral online that the ‘Yenko nkoaa’ hit maker, Eduwoji has been arrested by the Ada Police on the Accra-Aflao highway on 7th August 2014 for illegally possessing a substance suspected to be marijuana.

Speaking to www.233times.com on phone, the angry Eduwoji said it is never true that he has been arrested by Ada Police. According to him, the media calling him should check the Ada Police if he has been incarcerated by them or has any trace of arrest at their end.

“How can I be arrested, even I don’t know anything about this. Three days ago, I was with my friends from Nigeria who came down to start with their music promotion in Ghana. I had a call from an FM Station in Kumasi that I have been arrested and I said I am in town right now with my friends from Nigeria so I don’t know what they are talking about. They told me to check online because there is news everywhere that I have been arrested.” Eduwoji’s answer to whether he has been arrested?

“According to the story, you were arrested for possessing wee, do you smoke?” was the question asked Eduwoji by this Reporter and the ‘Yenko nkoaa’ writer answered “Nana Kwe, (this is how he calls this Reporter) you know me, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink. I don’t even take mineral. If I try, try, try, it is energy drink. Apart from water, you know me, I don’t take anything, I don’t smoke.”

“Did you go to Ada on the said day?” www.233times.com asked him and he (Eduwoji) replied “the last time I went to that place was during Castro’s issue. Since that time, I have not been to that area.”

Further probing to know the inspiration behind the story, www.233times.com asked him “so what inspired the story?” The angry Eduwoji answered, “How can this be possible because they said I was with Stay Jay and I can’t even remember the last time I saw Stay Jay. But me I can see that because my new song ‘Akye alange’ is gradually picking up and is played at every spot in Accra. And Stay Jay and his crew have threatened me that they will show me how mafias play so I suspect him to be behind all this.”

“I even went to some of the radio stations in Accra to promote my songs and the Presenters cautioned me to be careful with Stay Jay because he had come there to destroy me so some of the Presenters gave me cold reception which is very bad.”

“If I have featured you on a song and now you claim to be the owner of it fine, so why do you also spoil me including all my United Kingdom (UK) shows I was to do? And now since he (Stay Jay) sees my new song to be doing well, he is destroying my image, telling lies that police has arrested me. Do you remember I even phoned you (Nana Kwesi Coomson) that morning asking for Castro’s Manager’s (DJ Ames) number? So where from all this.” Eduwoji spoke his heart out.

Asking if he will seek any legal suit against his predator, Eduwoji said “I don’t even know, but are you aware because of this news I have been taken off a show in Equatorial Guinea. The organizer of the show said I have been arrested and he does not want to associate with me any more so he has cancelled the contract. I defended that I have not been arrested and he still insisted since it is all over the internet and people are calling him about the issue so he cannot have me on his show again.”

“Even on TV today, it was in a new reportage that Wiz Khalifa and I are two Artistes who have been arrested. What is all this? Eduwoji wondered.

Author: Nana Kwesi Coomson (www.233times.com)


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