Stay Jay responds to Eduwoji‘s “ stupid lies” and reveals what led to his arrest

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stay_jay_omgStay Jay yesterday on phone spoke to to explain his side of the story which he asserts is pure lies by Eduwoji. According to Stay Jay, Eduwoji wants to ride on his fame for his comeback.

Speaking to Stay Jay at 6:29 pm (11th August, 2014), the Artiste had no idea why his name should be dragged along Eduwoji’s in this defamation. Explaining to him that Eduwoji says he is behind this negative publicity against him since he has threatened him on several occasions, Stay Jay wondered where and when he threatened Eduwoji.

“Can you call him and do a conference call and I ask him? He wasn’t with me when we traveled for the show. I saw the news that he was with me so I had to respond to that side and clarify that he wasn’t with me. I had calls from FM stations asking me if I knew anything about it and I said I don’t know anything about it. And they asked did I travel with him and I said I traveled with my management but we were on the same show. Galaxy was on the show, Eduwoji was on the show, Masani was on the show and I was on the show. I didn’t even meet him till I performed and later met him and he greeted me and said eii boss what they go on? I don’t have time for those things” Stay Jay to

“Have you threatened him that you will show him how mafias play?” this Reporter asked him and Stay Jay’s answer was “I’m I a mafia? Boss I’m a God fearing person, I don’t do such things and I have no beef or problem with Eduwoji. He sees me he calls me and all that and he even said he wants to record a song with me and all that and I say I be cool. I have no problem with him. He is rather spoiling my name.”

“He is in the news with negativity; he should rather clarify himself to the media and leave me alone because he is not even part of my dreams. Which song of his is bigger than ‘baby,’ ‘tsuamelala,’ ‘prepaid girl’? I won’t go about destroying him to anyone for anything. Please call him and conference it and let me witness him denying in front of you since you will write the news. I hate all these nonsense, I hate nonsense. I will let my lawyers serve him to court o. He’s telling lies, please don’t mind him, he only wants to ride on me” angry Stay Jay spoke.

Asking Stay Jay if Eduwoji was really arrested and he explained that, the Promoter of the show told his Manager, MC Coaches that “Eduwoji was arrested by the police for illegally possessing marijuana on him and he told the police that he is asthmatic patient and he has been advised to add the marijuana to medicine and drink that is why he had it on him.”

“Have you heard his new song ‘akyealege’ because according to him you are jealous the song is picking up that is why you are on a defamation spree on him” this Reporter asked Stay Jay. In his answer, Stay Jay rhetorically asked “What hit song has Eduwoji done for me to destroy his name, boss, he just want something to ride on it to promote the ‘akyealege.’ Like I told you, I don’t have any problem with him because what he is saying is stupid lies.”


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