Why you should breastfeed your partner daily; unbelievable health benefits

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biohazard550Is breastfeeding your husband or boyfriend good or bad. Find here the tips on problems if your spouse or partner sucks milk from your lactating breasts. I also discussed baby breastfeeding during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding is the process of providing milk directly from the breast to someone’s mouth. Naturally the mothers nourish their babies through their breast milk. The maximum natural duration of providing milk to the kids is 2 year. The mother’s milk contains high level of nutrients and antibodies which are said to support a person till the age of 40 years. It has been a contradictory subject that either the woman’s breast milk works or not if taken by adults. However it is common experience that many times the adults start sucking their partner’s breasts and some even intake the milk therein too. The response of women stays different from positive to severely negative. The condition of breasts after breastfeeding gets different than normal and mostly a woman don’t want her husband touching them in this state. Most of the times she ensures that they are locked up safely in the bra.  First we shall see why a male will suck the breast of a female.

Why Your Husband Will Suck Your Breasts?

Many breastfeeding mothers tell that their husbands and older siblings want to suck milk from their lactating breasts. There may be different reasons for this.

Love – Someone can do it in love and passion. There may be a desire to enjoy the romance in many ways and the breastfeeding may be one of these.

Breastfeeding while sex – Your husband may do it During Sex with you. During intercourse, excitement may take various shapes including sucking breasts.

To Taste the Breast Milk – Your husband or friend may want to taste the natural flavor of breast milk. It is natural to know about some unknown things.

Myths About Breastfeeding – There are some myths that breast milk is the powerful food. If your spouse may have listened and believed this one, he may try it for more energy, nourishment and to take the benefit of this milk.

Wish of Woman – A woman too, may wish for being sucked by breasts. Although most of the women do not like this unnatural process, however some of them like breast sucking.

By Instinct – Women breasts are the first feeder of human.  This instinct may arouse within man during the moments of closeness and he may wish to be fed by lactating breasts. It may be consciously or unconsciously.

Effects of Breastfeeding To Husband

A few months after the baby birth most of the couples return to sex and matters of breastfeeding start. The mother have to stay prepare for breastfeeding her baby all the times. The milk stays continuously coming and transferring to the baby stomach. Meanwhile, sometimes a new matter starts that some husbands start sucking breast which are, no doubt, full of milk. So the women start thinking about the positive and negative effects of this double person breastfeeding. Commonly most of the women are found asking following types of questions.

  • My spouse wants to suck my breast. Is it good or bad?
  • Why my husband sucks my breasts?
  • Should I let my husband drink my breast milk?
  • Will my husband get milk from my breasts?
  • What if I breastfeed my friend or partner?
  • Breast sucking by husband? It is OK.
  • Is it safe to breastfeed my husband?
  • My husband wants to taste my breast milk – Is It Safe?

And so on …..

The answer covers both the positive and negative responses. First we shall discuss the negative ones.

Negative Effects of Breastfeeding To Husband

Baby Feed Shortage – The first thing in this regard is that the breast milk is for baby. It is the best feeding of your child and has no alternative. The milk produced within the female’s breasts is especially prepared food, diet or feed for a newborn. It is practically and scientifically proved that the babies fed on the mother’s milk (colostrums) grow rapidly, healthy and comparatively free of diseases. So if your husband sucks your breast milk, your baby may face a milk shortage. Especially in case of very first baby, the women cannot produce much enough milk. Even if your breasts produce extra milk, feeding timings may suffer. So it may be a problem for your baby and no doubt for you too.

Wastage of Breast Milk – Perhaps a few women know that the inner milk production is increased by some hormones’ like Oxytocin. This hormone is activated during love making moments. So during sex more milk will be produced, some may split out and if some of it taken by your sex partner, you must have a milk deficiency for your prince or princess. Extra production and wastage may later on result in breast milk shortage.

Danger of Infection Transmission – If you or your husband has some infection, it may be transferred. This infection may spread to any of you and also to your baby. The infections most probable to transfer are as under.

Yeast infection – In many cases it is seen that the babies have yeast infection like thrush. In case of breast contact it may transmit to the parents. It may cause painful and sore nipples and may be a start of some other infection. Such types of infections must have been treated before breastfeeding. The breast sucker husbands are more likely to get it and transmit it to others.

Herpes – The second one is an active herpes infection. It may be herpes type 1 or type 2 as there may be many intersects between the two types. Type 1 is linked with cold sores and type 2 creates genital herpes. Herpes may be transferred through close human touch, particularly when someone gets in touch concerning the mucous surfaces, like kissing or sexual interactions. There have been seen many cases of newborns with herpes transmitting the disease to the mothers’ breast during breastfeeding.

Apparent Allergic Conditions – If you see some allergy type trouble in your baby’s mouth, this too may transfer to you or your husband. The same process may take place vice versa.

Cold sores or Lesions – These are also a type of herpes. If your husband is contaminated with these troubles, he may transmit these diseases through breastfeeding. Any type of Herpes can cause serious infections in infants since their immune systems are in initial stages.

It is Unnatural – Breastfeeding your Husband is 100% unnatural. There is nothing like this in medical science. Although in some experiments mother’s milk has been proved to treat some diseases but that is for medicinal purpose. It does not mean that someone starts sucking breast milk directly. Mother’s milk is no doubt a reserve of vital nutrients but it has not proved supportive to adults. If your husband or boyfriend is of this mind, try to change his mind or ask any expert to make him know the reality about breastfeeding.

Hidden Germs – The oral cavity of adults may be the residence of some microbes which may prove harmful for the baby. In the recent ages many complicated infections have merged. Especially if your husband has not a well washed and sterilized cavity, there may some germs that are not harmful for adults but may prove a contamination for a newborn baby.

Breastfeeding During Pregnancy – About 5 months after pregnancy mostly the mother’s milk starts getting bad for baby and so may be for a husband. Actually lactation during later pregnancy stages contains some specific compounds which abrupt the baby internal systems especially the digestion. The same may be expected in adults. So better is not to breastfeed baby or your husband during later pregnancy weeks.

More over a woman nipples may sore after a husband sucks on them as he has bigger teeth, jaw and stronger lips. It depends upon how a husband sucks breast milk? Just like a baby would, gently and with more jaw and tongue. In many cases a woman may feel bad for his husband.

Positive Factors of Breastfeeding To Husband

Although the breastfeeding by an adult person is an unnatural thing but still it has some factors that are acceptable. There is nothing wrong or dirty about breastfeeding your husband in healthy conditions. Some are as under.

Romance – Your husband or boyfriend may feel over joy with the romance of his own wish through breast sucking. Meanwhile he may want to intake milk from lactating breasts.

Beneficial Milk – I don’t believe the benefits of breast milk in adult ages. But if there is something like this, it may prove beneficial.

Satisfaction – Your spouse or friend may feel satisfied and saturated and may take allowing breastfeeding, a happy response from you.

Breastfeeding To Husband Is Good Or Bad?

So what do you say! Is breastfeeding by your male partner is safe or not. The Answer may be both yes or no. Breastfeeding has no apparent danger except infection spread and if it is not against your wish. Also better to avoid it after you get pregnant for 5 months. You know your conditions and wishes best. Take care of your health and relations both.

Precautions About Breastfeeding
  1. Never try and never let your husband try breastfeeding if any of you have some transferable disease or infection.
  2. You should breastfeed your baby before sex with your husband. So that if some milk seeps out or your husband sucks it, you may have enough time to reproduce your baby feed.
  3. You should stop breastfeeding your baby, about 25 weeks after you get pregnant. If you see some sever digestive problems or chronic diarrhea in baby let it be checked by doctor. You may expectedly be asked to stop breastfeeding.
  4. Always Wash your hands regularly and with care, as infections can go hand to mouth and so on.
  5. Take care of your husband’s wishes. If you don’t want breastfeed him you can tell him that it’s time to breast feed the baby or soon you have to breastfeed the baby and you may get short of milk. Moreover the better words are “I know I can just give the baby a bottle” but with love please. And if you are ok with it, go ahead and let your husband nurse too as he wishes. NextHow To Get Pregnant

Disclaimer: All on this page is just information and nothing may be taken as medical prescription or recommendation. Consult your doctor for medical concerns.

Do you let your husband or boyfriend Breastfeed? Leave your comments and experience in the comment box.


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