9 ways men impress women on first date

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  1. Being Punctual

Before anything else, the first of all the important ways #men impress us on the first date by showing up on time! Whether he’s picking you up or meeting you somewhere, don’t tolerate him being any more than fifteen minutes late. Of course life happens and there will always be traffic and emergencies, but as far as I’m concerned, sleeping through an alarm, wrapping up a meal with friends, or getting ready at the last second are not reasons for tardiness! If your date is worthwhile, he’ll be courteous enough to appreciate your time and not show up at his own convenience!



  1. Dressing Well

Even if your first date with someone is casual (e.g. a movie, local restaurant, a quick drink), #men should try to make a good impression by dressing well. By dressing well, I don’t mean that he should show up in a suit and tie; however, your date’s appearance can say a lot about him! Looks aren’t everything, but this is definitely something to pay #attention to. Clean, wrinkle-free clothes and combed #hair can show you that your date is responsible when it comes to taking care of himself.



  1. Doors, Doors, Doors

As a lady, I know that if my date was picking me up, I would be impressed if he had the courtesy to walk up to my door and ring the bell instead of texting me, “I’m here,” or waiting for me to walk to his car. If your #date is a gentleman, he’ll escort you to his car, open the door for you, and then close it. He should also do the same, helping you out of the #car! Also, notice his manners when it comes to walking in a restaurant or theatre. Does he open the door and let you walk through first? If another person is approaching, does he hold the door open for them as well?



  1. Having a Clean Car

I’m a neat freak, so I’m always paying #attention to how people take care of their space. If you make plans with someone in advance and your date will be picking you up, he should take the time to clean out his car! You don’t want to be sitting in seat surrounded by empty food containers and you definitely shouldn’t have to move something off your seat to get in the car. This is probably the first space of your date’s that you are seeing. If his car is a pigsty, imagine how his place must look!




  1. Helping You with Your Coat

This is something I rarely see anymore, which is a shame because I find it incredibly charming and sweet! If your #date really wants to go the extra mile and be chivalrous, he’ll help in and out of your coat when he picks you up, when you get to your destination, and when you’re getting ready to leave. This seems like such a subtle, minor gesture, but for me it goes a really long way!



  1. Pushing Your Chair in and Pulling It out

Along with a #man taking his date’s coat, this is also something that I don’t see very often. But when I do, I’m very impressed! I think it is so lovely when a lady’s date gently pushes her chair closer to the table as she’s about to sit down. A man’s manners show you that he wants you to be comfortable, and he’s being considerate of you.



  1. Asking and Genuinely Listening

Ladies, you want to make sure that your date knows you are an interesting, #beautiful, and worthwhile person! If he’s worth your time, your date will show you that he wants to get to know you by asking you questions about your career, you friends, your family, your interests; but him simply asking about you isn’t enough. I’m always impressed when a date is genuinely interested in what I have to say and when he remembers unique and little details about me.




  1. Eye Contact

Isn’t it wonderful when you’re on a date with someone and he constantly makes eye contact with you? By doing this, your date shows you that you have his complete and undivided #attention. As far as he’s concerned, you’re the only two in the room. It’s rude for your date to be on his phone while you’re talking to him, or for his eyes to be wandering around the room. He should impress you by showing you how attentive he is and how captivated he is by you.



  1. Paying

I’m a firm believer in equality between men and #women, and don’t think that a man should always have to pay; however, I think that your date should handle the costs the first time he takes you out. If he initiated the date, he should be prepared to cover all of the expenses! I know that I’m impressed and really appreciative when even just my #guy friends pay for my food (after I try to refuse of course). Sometimes, it’s nice to experience some old-fashioned chivalry!

I’ve been on a number of first dates, good and bad, and these points that I’ve written about are what separated them into those categories! Do you have any good or bad first date experiences? What are the ways that #men impress you on a first date?

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