Oprah Winfrey has 12 weeks to live?

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oprahDaytime talk show extraordinaire Oprah was given the shock of her life when a routine check up turned into her having less than four months to live following a stage 4 cancer diagnosis.

“I’ve made more money than I could spend in a life time, but I’m going to enjoy seeing what kind of dent I can put in $2 billion in 3 months” Said Oprah proclaiming that she would spend half her fortune making a few lucky fans dreams come true, donating the rest and while leaving something for her dog and Steadman.

Oprah seem to be in high spirits saying “why be sad when I can buy a small country, name it Oprah, and live forever”


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  1. Sualaha Hamitic on said:

    My prayer is God should please spare ur life Cus u Hv a good heart n may he continue to bless u so u can help we the poor people in the world.thank you

    • Hi pray dat god will help her I will extol thee ,o lord hast lifted her to u and hast not made her foes to rejoice over u.u will not die Amen.my wish is to see u face face one day at a time. Wish for u more great things to come ave a great day u will live Amen

  2. Sualaha Hamisu on said:

    may this news never be true Cus there are millions of people who r like me and they need a beautiful soul like you to inspire us to continue to move on in life n still Hv hope

  3. God is still in the miracle business. He never sleep nor slumber,He is the head of all the doctors in this world. If God be for us,who can be against us? It is well and you are healed in the night name of Jesus. My inspiration you cannot just leave us like this cos you are not done with what you came to do! May you leave long Opera!!!

  4. If this really true , I’ll be so sad. this is sad news. I don’t live in the states. I live in a small country called curacao. I don’t have my own house, no car .just a sweet 9 year old and a good family. i’m not a bling bling person, my greatest desire is to have enouth to give my daughter what she needs and teach her to a humble and honest person. God always knows best. Be strong in God, Be one with the universe and think of it that way. one journey is coming to its end and a new one is about to start. you had success in this one…i’m sure you will have more success in the next . god bless you sister, your heart is pure Gold.

  5. oscar ankoma on said:

    Oprah you will not die in Jesus name …please read Isaiah 61:1 to 12 and after that we will all give thanks to the most high .

  6. winston skeen on said:

    I believe God can heal you still…Is there a Balm in Gilead?……YES! I will be praying for you Oprah from down here in Jamaica…God can!

  7. nadine skeen on said:

    Even in this moment you continue to inspire I pray that the Lord will bring healing and add some more years to your life like he did with his servant Hezekiah if that is his will .

  8. Ranu Bhattarai on said:

    I am quite sad hearing on such condition of the health of Oprah Winfrey . I cant believe still that “God” can show that kind of cruelty against such an inspirational Women who had made millions to laugh and live today with her charismatic works. I believe now that it is the turn for the “GOD” to prove his credibility, so consequentially, I pray to that omnipresent here for doing the same kind of charismatic works for the total healing and care of the Living Angel Oprah Winfrey so that many more would live in this earth for serving the Humanity through her good works.

    • Micheal Bailey on said:

      Sorry to hear such a strong women tell Oprah Winfrey to contact me I have the cures for cancer I had the dreams in 1992 and I never used it so can try it it will help her so sad I love her so much I am praying for her

  9. Melissa Henville on said:

    Jesus of Nazareth can heal you Mrs. Ophra. Invite him to enter your heart. Jesus love you.
    God bless you. All the best and be healed in Jesus name.

  10. Abhushan Upadhyaya on said:

    The embodied soul is eternal in existence, indestructible, and infinite, only the material body is factually perishable, therefore fight O Arjuna.”
    ? The Bhagavad Gita

  11. Never met u personally oprah but have admired u and ur work for years.would u accept a personal invitation to stay with a small family in jamaica for a few days only?don’t be supprised if help may be here!!

  12. Saroj Adhikari on said:

    May god give her amazing strength to overcome this sad news. She is the inspiration to many people around the globe. She will live on for ever. I will pray to god for your good health.

    • Oh no, i am so sorry to hear that. Oprah, i am so proud of you. I admire the ground that you walk on. As a black sister in Christ, you are everything that i would like to be. I will be praying for you every day my sister. Keep the faith.

  13. Mr. Lazarus Sheefeni Uaandja on said:

    I pray that the good Lord, who can turn what seems impossibilities into possibilities, introduce Oprah Winfrey to God’s chosen servant to heal her cancer, prolonging her life on earth. Amen. Mr. Lazarus Sheefeni Uaandja, Windhoek, Namibia.

  14. adams Joseph paul on said:

    You were created by God and Him alone have the final say concern your life…
    Go back to your Creator and make request known to Him… God heard when you Ask because He knew the end from begining, when situation seeems ter?ïblè that wheñ God prove to be God….. God know ur heart.

    We love u with Love of God in Christ Jesus

  15. Well if the story is true, hmmm i pray the God of Abraham will heal her for a great testimony. Per what I read, we need money to support the needy in our community so a little money can help us care for the needy. I don’t believe Oprah is dying. But I want to ask, is America going to look on for her to die? No no no. In an advance medicine nation? No no no no . Opera the many souls you have helped in any form are interceding for you big time. Mine for you is in Psalm 41:1-4 Blessed is she who has regard for the weak; the LORD delivers her in times of trouble. The LORD will protect her and preserve her life; He will bless her in the land and not surrender her to the desire of her foes. The LORD will sustain her on her sick- bed and restore her from her bed of illness. Who J bless N one curse.

  16. This is hard to hear how the women i adore the most have to loose her life Whit A sickness that we have not yet find a cure for but ophra god does so miracels and all we have to do is pray .

  17. Murelda Bridge on said:

    Someone must be playing a very sick joke on the world.
    Stage four cancer was missed for how long.
    My last daughter wants to be a doctor, and for 6 years she’s been waiting for money to go to meds school because she was born outside the USA.
    I tried contacting Opra for help, but couldn’t get near her.
    Now, my dream of meeting her is gone, I can’t believe it.

  18. Wesley Nathalia on said:

    Dear Ophray i find it very sad to hear, but you ‘ll always life in our hearts and thoughts, and your spirit will always be with us. Your are a strong woman and a example for many. Go with peace, god bless you. Thank you Oprah

  19. You have inspired me from a very tender age.Every afternoon I would rush home just to b like your audience, but yet in my beautiful country Guyana, taking part in your educational topics that touches every diaspora of humanity. May you enjoy every moment of your new beginning of the most powerful part of your life. A new beginning of a great ending. Thank you my icon ‘Oprah Winfrey’

  20. i can’t even imagine what this would be like for you and your lovedones but i wish you and everyone around you all the strenght, faith and love you need to get thru this.

    You’ve had a very hard and later blessed life in wich you inspired so many people and have given so many people hope and forfilled their dreams..

    Your one hell of an amazing and inspiring woman! Your the kind of woman i wish to become and with me i know a lot of other women feel the same way..

    Stay strong and live life to the fullest, surround yourself with the people you love. Take strength from their love and the love from your fans! Your a beautiful and magnificent woman!! One who i can only hope to become one day giving strength to others and inspire as many people as you have.

    Last but not least, thank you for being you!

    Lots of love,
    Gwen, all the way from the Netherlands.

  21. Forgive my Engles,
    if you believe than iT Will be what you say..I beLieve That thoughts is very strong thing. When you think That youré sick than That is Will be. When Jesus make people beter he think an whats is course off iT take That away and you be Fred off sickness thans what i believe and i am learning to do That with people

    Als jij gelooft dat je ziek bent neemt je hele systeem het over en zo zal het zijn. Als jij je richt op de oorzaak zoals Jesus dit ook zegt ga opzoek naar de oorzaak en je healing kan beginnen.

  22. Wow! This is shocking! My prayer is that God will heal you of this ailment and grant you many more years to live on earth, Amen. I also pray that whenever God says it’s your time to die, may you die knowing Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, Amen.

  23. Sorry to hear that! I wish to see you befire that day! And I know that Nothing is impossible for God!You Can see the story from Rene Caisse (Essiac tea) Cancer treatment! You never heard about could Save Your Life! Essiac tea cancer treatment!www.essiacinfo.org. or http://www.essiac-resperin.com ! Have a check if you can! God will bless you! I pray for you! Naomi Davis

  24. Monique Revales on said:

    My dearest Ms.Winfrey,

    Since I have been (and still am) a huge fan of you ever since I was a little girl, I am in shock and can not believe this news is true…..
    It was always a big dream of mine to come to your show, but because I live in The Netherlands and couldn’t not afford a plainticket, I have never been able to.
    And now, I am not able to see you anymore in this life time.
    There are so many things that I wanted to discuss with you, because I am starting a foundation and I could really use your help. I wanted to write to you, but I was affraid you would reject me or would not even read my letter.
    The only thing I can say is, I hope you read this now.
    My dearest Ms.Winfrey; I wish God is with you every step of the way, I will pray for you, and your loved ones. You are a true inspiration to so many people, and to me the biggest rolemodel a black woman could ever have!! I hope I can step in your footsteps one day, and I can do for charity and especially for people in Africa what you have done. That is my goal and my dream!!!! So thank you for being such an example, not only to me but to many others. You have changed so many lifes. It is sad that you did not get to marry in this life time, but there is someone better than a husband waiting for you upstairs.

    I truly love you Oprah….
    God Bless You,

    Monique Revales

  25. Omg I’m praying to the father that this news is not true because you r one the most soft hearted person out there.m
    Mericles do happen n if this is true then i pray 4 a mericle for you

  26. Tolani Awere on said:

    You will live and not die NOW. The Lord you serve and your good deeds will stand in the gap for you. The Lord will put those predictions to shame. He is the only One who has power over life and death.

  27. Dear Oprah remember this the good die young you have touche a milion peopels hart with your woord you are a great woman and you Will never be forgetten you are a legend my wish is that i Will meet you someday love you Oprah form THE bottom of my heart ??????????????

  28. Ankrah twumasi on said:

    Nothing else In this world could heal Oprah except faith if she has the faith In God that she isn’t gonna die surely she will live to survive In the name of the Almighty God..prayers work more than any other thing so we gonna pray for your survival..God is In control just take heart and be courageous….

  29. Judith Momoh on said:

    Just have Faith in God.He will turn things around for good. He has the final saying over your life in Jesus Name Amen.There’s nothing too hard for him to do.A friend told me that her Doctor said she have six months to live, guess what she is still living more than a year now.It is well with your soul.Just believe and see the SALVATION OF THE LORD YOUR GOD

  30. Musah, Tamale on said:

    Doctors are human, but God has the final say. Do you believe in God and that HIs Son Jesus took away this infirmity 2000 years ago and by His Stripes you and i were healed from every sickness and disease? do not give up so earlier by the doctors are saying just believe in God fopr a miracle….

  31. Benedicta on said:

    Oprah I do believe in miracles n know tht the Good Lord is merciful n can work miracles .Believe n u will leave longer than stipulated to proclaim the goodness of our Lord n master Jesus christ .Amen

  32. phyllis windefelde on said:

    Oprah god is good am telling you this from the hart i Now some one ho did had stage4and they help her your a strong woman dont you ever ever give up your fait no matter what because thats what keeps you going i dont NOw you i only see you on TV ANd i love the woman that i see And i wil Like to see her for a long time i wil pray for you i have tot kids that want tot be a singer they does sing in the church i wil ask them to sing a song for jou And a pray.dont you give up dokters can say alot but god have all the power he is the king of Kings all you have to do is belive.knildown he wil be there.you just do what you going to do with what you have.its up tot y you .give ho ever you want to give ! Nut keep tour fait only that you need now me anD mykids love jou we wil pray for jou .just fond give up.jou does a lot for Puple so god sees that to your are so big hart And so are god .

  33. Miss Oprah you came you saw and you conquered and showed us all how to conquer. You have been a total inspirations to many of us around the world, I have laughed with you I’ve cried with you I’ve gotten so deep with you and I feel like you are the big sister I never met. I aspire to be like you and do wonderful things in my own capacity remembering the lessons you have shared. My desire was is to write a book about my life as an autistic single mum of 4 children 2 are autistic, rejected by my family so I made the community my family by learning all over again and sharing, I wanted you to read my book and review it in hope that I would one day meet you. I started an organisation called wholehearted Education teaching people how to be whole again influence by the E course you and Dr Brene Brown taught. I love you and will always remember you and everything you done for me through that TV screen. I thank God for the life you have lived and the purpose you fulfilled. I believe in the resurrection and live in hope to meet you one day. Make the rest of your life the best of your life .

    Love and blessings to you

    Nichola. ????

  34. Zola Cameron-Lubin on said:

    Ms Oprah you are Avery special woman who Jehovah has put here on earth, you have touched many lives. Prayers around the world continued to reach out for you. Once you are blessed.

  35. Micheal Bailey on said:

    Don’t worry help is on the way in 1992 I had a dream for the cures for cancer I never used it come and see me I can help you live you such a strong women .it’s ok to be afraid it’s ok to cry but if you come and see me you will bee smiling again love you Oprah Winfrey

  36. Brenda damen on said:

    A pray for you ???? you are a wonderfull woman I hope that all your wishes come Tru. I am a single mom 28 years for 4 childeren I do iT by myself. Im from Holland and I look al your programs you too Nice for all THE people you are a good Woman a Strong woman. God blessing you for THE gift that you have I love you . Send you kisses and huggs and al my love you are a Angel for much people stay positief. ???? Brenda

  37. sapna kirpalani on said:

    Dear Oprah…I have always dreamt of meeting you…I am sure God will fufill my dream…you are not going Anywhere. …Long Live. ..Oprah…

  38. patrina on said:

    am sori oprah my tears are with u I looooooove u u wil be miss if its true I wish u could be santa and come to my twn for Christmas b4 u go I know doctor god say e turn ur weeks into years long live z queen great oprah

  39. Sharon Stewart on said:

    This is very hard, it sadden me to see you cry, just because ur crying about something sad, how can a woman like u leave us like this, sigh my prayer goes out to you, and u will continue living within us

  40. esosa anthony on said:

    i am one of your fans who admired you so much, i don’t want you die young, you are still very useful to our world, it is a pride for us to have you as one of the world richest people, pls my advice is this, there is a solution to your problem, you will not die but you will live to declare the word of GOD. please take away pride, come to SCOAN lagos nigeria to be healed of this cancer. GOD is greater than your cancer.

  41. dont give in just yet have faith and believe and the good lord will do the rest after all the help you have given to many less fortunate people i adore you for that

  42. The lord gives and the lord takes , its a very sad news to hear but we all have to go one day , you have done so much if the lord is ready for you just get yourself ready to meet him some of us get no warning just keep that smile on your face and we will see the resole we love you so much but he loves you more . love fr jamaica

  43. allana lamazon on said:

    Words can not expressed how I feel but I will try to say a few as we all know live u man dead u must but noon one know the time god will call us home oprah u r so special and lucky to have a chance to make it rite with god which I know u av done u av inspired me in my life u av made a great impact in me thank u for all you have done in the world we all love u bye until we meet at Jesus feet

  44. Morrie Richards on said:

    The devil is a liar, as my nine year old would pray, “God is a good God”, I pray that this infirmity would leave her body right away in the mighty Name of Jesus, We pray deliverance, healing, total restoration of good health, devil, take those filthy hands off this beautiful woman of God,

  45. Wilmot Liscombe on said:

    It is sad to know that you are not well my dear Oprah. God is love and will fixed things the way he wanted it . we’ll be praying for you. and our God will do a miracle for you. we love you and thank you for being the person you are. God is in control.

  46. If this is true ,My Heart goes out to Oprah the very mention of the name brings sunshine ,so I wish to bring some Sunshine to our Oprah with news from the Son of God in he say in his Word if you need me call me I will answer ,I believe in the Power of Prayer ,in tho I won’t do it here know that I’m asking God for a Miracle .I live here in Chicago watched a majority of Shows since the beginning Have Heart yours is so Big.I want to see you make people smile ,laugh and wonder as only you can ,and I trust God will hear us .Much Love and Brother from another mother. Smile.

  47. Ophrah first my brother in law now you? Don’t you believe these doctors Oprah, I was always admiring you. You told me a child who everyone said would be in prison or dead to read. You remember in the early 90.s when you was on those posters too read. Ok now Ophrah I’m telling you to live. You can do it remember all that weight you lost in 94? Now that I am a grown man I saw those old tapes and I must say you are a fine lady. Steadman is a lucky man. No disrespect intended. If you wanna give money to my organization childrens inspiration. To give to the 200plus orphaned bishop Bahrain left you can but I think you should invest in a cure. Love you Oprah your a true Queen. Please don’t die yet

  48. I will book mass for you I will pray for you, I will love to have a photograph with you , please, pray the memorary miracle novena 9 times everyday with me for you.highest regards

  49. Elvis Ankutse on said:

    U’ll never die only if u believe…Jesus is alive forever…..He sentforth His word and heal our disease……He is our healer, our great provider,our redeemer.He cant give u much without giving u dayz to live in it and support others….only God knows de number of days of ur live….Jesus is de resurrection and de live,believe only in Him…..May de mighty healing hand of God touch u wherever u ar in Jesus name….

  50. Pauline on said:

    Do not have much to say, but God is able and with him ALL things are possible, my 9 year old son said she stood up and fight for her right in colour purple and this time he knows God will be defending her health. Be strong Oprah that is the true woman you are. We live you

  51. kishore samtani on said:

    My prayerful thoughts are with you Oprah.You are God’s perfect child like everyone else and you will overcome this with a Victory. Blessings

  52. Elizabeth Amma Adama on said:

    Dear Oprah, nothing is going to happen to you. One the doctors are not God. God will surely make you well, He has a reason for keeping you in this world and you’ve not finish that work yet so you will NOT DIE. In Jesus Name Amen .

  53. shyness mundonda on said:

    My sister you have managed to humiliate poverty and lack on this earth. I salute you for that but what matters the most now is the relationship with king of kings who is CHRIST JESUS. I advise you to give your life to CHRIST JESUS if you were not. He shall bring peace in your life and your carrier. you shall be credited with long life sister Oprah. thank you

  54. darwisha on said:

    This is a sad news…you are such a wonderful woman with a good heart and no one could ever be like you…I always want to see you in person or go to your live show would have make my life so meaningful because you inspired me a lot worth living in this world as being a tough single mom…
    Its devastating… Living us will give a very sad impact to everyone’s life in the world..
    Surely will miss you Oprah…god bless you..

  55. I think its time for you Oprah to accept Jesus, all the money you have made can never help you, Jesus is the only one way. I challenge you to put pride aside and go for deliverance , I personally recommend Prophet TB Joshua of the SCOAN in Nigeria, that is if you still want to live and enjoy your money to the fullest, God’s plan is not for us to die a painful death of sickness and disease. GOOD LUCK.

  56. Levon Taylor on said:

    Who has the power over life and death? God almighty only I say that he can and will fix things only a little bit of faith and a little action if Oprah will seek a herbalist that goes by the name of Dr Sebi he is online, I believe she can be cured or even be around much longer with us my prayers goes out for her recovery .

  57. lydia adongo on said:

    if its true i believe that the miracles jesus performed can be done today. but lord thy will be done.
    from lydia in sunyani, ghana

  58. Stephanie gloverBarbara on said:

    God says in all things we shd give thanks. Thank you Lord Jesus for the breath of life. I dnt know were exactly in the bible but i read that there was a prophet who when told to prepare cos he will die soon turned to God to spare his life and more years was added to his years. God pls add more years to Oprah’s year cos she has a big and loving heart. I ask in Jesus name.

  59. God’s timing is the best timing and he don’t make mistakes. when the doctors says no God can still say yes. Oprah has a big heart and she touches many lives all over the world. even those on the other side of the televisions. touching them just by watching what she do for people. she is truly an angel. I pray that god give her the strength that she needs. and restore all lost in her. I also pray that she make a full recovery. And in the end if God is ready for her it will all be well. Oprah’s shoes are way to big to fill. But God knows what he is doing. he only lend us his angels for a season. then He have a bigger work for them to do in the kingdom. have your way Jesus.

  60. Margaret Castaing on said:

    I was hoping to join forces to help teenage girls going in the wrong direction get their life together Grad student in social work. I am proud of you you live a beautiful life

  61. crystal cradle on said:

    Oprah I love you for the woman you are as a strong black women who has been on tv since I was a child who inspired so many people in your life time and have changed so many people’s lives it’s not funny. God will have mercy on you doctors do not have the last say god does so I am going to keep on praying for you and you keep doing what you’re doing. Love you Oprah crystal 41.

  62. Thomas Appiah Kubi on said:

    Right now i can tell her that, there is only three powerful SPIRITS that can save her from every little moment she have now.

    (1) GOD ALMIGHTY THE FATHER – HE is the creature of all living things. He give life and take it back. The Bible says” Do not be afraid of someone who can kill fresh but he or she can not kill the soul but afraid of someone who can kill the fresh and can kill the soul also and that person is,,,GOD ALMIGHTY

    (2) JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD ALMIGHTY- He also said to us that” HE IS THE WAY,THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, NO ONE CAN NOT COME TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH HIM, He is the one who carries all our sins,sickness,problem, every situations in our life to the cross, so if she trust in Him she will have the internal life again.

    (3) THE HOLY SPIRIT – He also guide us from any temptation that comes across our ways. He bath us with holiness and protection.


  63. pls we all know our date of birth but we all do not know the day we will die.just pray to God for forgiveness and repent because our miracle God is not asleep,He can save and heal you. so why are u claiming that you will die soon.

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