Ghanaians are annoying the Judge handling Kwaw Kese’s case

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kwawI have tried countless times (more than 233times) to understand why some Ghanaians are on #FreeKwawKese campaign. Of course it makes sense to show solidarity as fans and colleague ‘Showbizers’ but on what convincing reason is that campaign undertaken?

Since Kwaw Kese was arrested in Kumasi on Saturday, November 22 by the Police for smoking a substance suspected to be weed, I have been following Facebook updates and Tweets to be convinced why Kwaw Kese should be freed but to many, they are only updating their social media because they see their favourite stars doing so. To borrow Pasinoman’s headline the “#FreeKwawKese y3 nonsense!”

Why should Kwaw Kese be freed? Is it because he is a celebrity? One claptrap reason given is that, Chris Brown came to Ghana to publicly advertise the smoking of weed and was watched to go freely. I was the one who broke the news about Chris Brown smoking weed and should be arrested and the media’s attention was raised on it. The event organizers (RLG) on whose platform Chris Brown performed and did that issued a press statement to say that, that was not weed he smoked but an electronic cigar which he include in his performances everywhere he performs to campaign against smoking. Even though that was not convincing, at least they issued a statement to disclaim the reportage.

Rule of law states that, no one is above the law, the law is no respecter of persons, regardless the social status and the law is supreme, ignorance of it is no excuse. Kwaw Kese committed a non-bailable offence which tells the degree of crime that is.

If Chris Brown was freed without any conviction and the same should apply to Kwaw Kese and that we as Ghanaians do not appreciate our own but always glorify everything about the Whiteman, fine case, but I hope when Kwaw Kese is freed, those who will be caught in the future smoking weed could use the Kwaw Kese and Chris Brown cases as a touchstone to be freed as well?

MUSIGA and Lord Kenya have so far made sense on this issue, the rest are ignorantly and hypocritically hash tagging without making any substance case which could make a soldier take off his hat. Lord Kenya urged authorities to temper justice with mercy. MUSIGA as well stated in a reportage that “much as MUSIGA is against the use of illicit drugs by artistes, the union is appealing to the judge handling the case to temper justice with mercy and consider the social contributions of the artiste in handling his case,” what is more sensible than these two statements?

Some are also saying DCOP Kofi Boakye, Ashanti Regional Police Commander is aiming the IGP position and is on a making-impressive-mark spree so he is strongly behind this to increase his chances, anyway!

Aside MUSIGA and Lord Kenya who have made some considerable remarks for the ‘mad man’ to be freed, the rest are only infuriating Judge William Boampong. As a sympathiser of Kwaw Kese, I am wishing for the freeing of one of my ex favourite Rappers but I strongly believe in the law and also wish that we make some sense in the reason why Kwaw Kese should be freed.

Learning from the proceedings of the Election Petition and precisely from Ayiko Otoo, what Ghanaians could plead for him is that, Judge William Boampong will temper mercy with justice and free Kwaw Kese as a Christmas present after which he should be made to sign bond to be of good behaviour.

Enough of the balderdash! The law is still SUPREME!


Author: Nana Kwesi Coomson ( @nkcoomson on Twitter

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