Quick-fix miracle workers (mallam) business boom in Accra

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1559216734280_6904928936519Quick-fix miracle workers and self-styled mallams have invaded the national capital and are now openly advertising their spiritual prowess on posters along major roads, at markets and transport terminals, a The General Telegraph survey has revealed.

The Tudu, New Tema station, Kinbu and the Vanef-STC terminals have been plastered with posters of the miracle workers each one of whom is laying claims to the ability to solve physical, financial, emotional and spiritual problems.

Some of the colourful posters with photographs of the Malam.

One poster has in addition, photos of bundles of currencies in different denominations signifying their ability to make their patrons enormously rich.

The posters also have mystical figures like ‘Mammy Water’ and dwarfs on them and according to the information on the posters these are mediums from which t. hey draw their spiritual powers.

Also on the posters are telephone numbers of the self- proclaimed “spiritual masters.” One of these gave Tuba near Kasoa in the Central Region as his specific location. One of the spiritualists, Malam Bamba, who describes himself as “‘Spiritual Investigator,” provides some background information about himself and includes his consulting days which begin on Monday through Thursday and exclude the weekends of Friday through Sunday.

According to the poster of “The Jakpha Shrine” whose location was not disclosed, the spiritualist prepares “love charms,” “blood money, ” antidotes against family curses,” ” solutions to marriage problems,” among many other claims.

Malam Bamba, who also claims he can heal all kinds of “spiritual diseases” has also advertised an exclusive service to make a man’s penis longer and stronger.

Malam Mei Zafi, for his part, claims he can use his spiritual powers to help anyone to get a visa to travel outside the country.

Hajia Herbal Home located in the Kwashieman suburb of Accra makes similar claims including the ability to prepare potions for extra sexual power and charms to turn a faltering marriage or an estranged union around. Additionally, the claim is made by Hajia Herbal Home that it can provide a ring which when worn, protects the wearer from jealous persons, a claim that God’s Time Herbal and Healing Home also makes.

When The General Telegraph called some of these Malams to find out their modus operandi and cost, the spiritual consultant at Jakpha Shrine who would not disclose his name, gave broad hints of his spiritual prowess when asked to explain what he meant by “blood money.”

The consultant who spoke fairly good English told us that the ritual makes the client rich within three days.

“You will bring GHC 7OO.OO which will be used to buy materials and ingredients for the ritual and I can guarantee that it works. Within three days you will get GHc 1 billion but it can also happen within a day or two depending on how clean your spirit is. I don’t charge for this ritual but I expect that as soon as you receive the money, you will come and say ‘thank you’ to me,” he explained.

The General Telegraph next called Malam Bamba, the “Spiritual Investigator” who says he specializes in the enlargement of ‘manhood’, among other mystical feats. He said the enlargement process begins with the payment of GHc 300.00. He swore by all that he believes, that within seven days the client’s manhood will grow bigger.

“It’s a cream that you will rub onto your manhood for seven days. During that period it expands in girth and length. As soon as you reach your desired size, you should stop applying the cream.” He then gave directions for the location of his operation base.

Hajia Herbal Home was next. When The General Telegraph called, the lady spoke to us through her spokesman who assured us that, actually, she could accomplish far more than was advertised. She would, however, not give us any specific amount to be paid as consultation fee when we tried to find out how much it would cost to ward off spiritual attacks coming from one’s relatives and other sources.

“You are a man; when you are stepping out of your house you always put some money in your wallet. Do the same thing and bring something small so we can clear your problem” was the answer The General Telegraph received, along with directions to locate Hajia’s shrine.

-General Telegraph

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