8 questions to determine if your man really makes you happy

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Screen-shot-2013-10-03-at-10.30.12-PMWe’re bombarded with the idea that we will be happiest in a relationship so we can end up putting up with a lot just to keep one going. But a relationship should energize you, cheer you up and motivate you! If it doesn’t, you’re better off without one.

Here are eight questions to ask yourself to find out if you’d be happier with or without your man:

Do you know when he’s going on a trip?

When the day comes for him to go on a trip, had you been anticipating it for weeks? Nervous about it? Planning as much time together before he left? And already having filled up your days while he’s away so you won’t miss him? Or does his departure date sneak up on you?

What your answer tells you

If you answered yes to the first set of scenarios, your man enhances your life and you’d much rather have him around than not! But if you forget he’s even going on a trip and it sneaks up on you, then you may not care that much when he’s away.

Do you notice how much time has passed since he called?

Does not hearing from him for 8 hours feel like not hearing from him for two days? Do you start to worry something bad has happened to him? Or he’s started to have doubts about the relationship? Or, does he always have to reach out to you, and you realize, “Oops! I hadn’t realized we hadn’t spoken in 10 hours.”

What your answer tells you

If you answered yes to the first set of questions, then communicating with your guy makes you feel great! But if you don’t notice eight hours pass without talking to him, he feels more like a nuisance and burden than a joy and source of energy.

Do you feel energized after seeing him?

Be honest with yourself: after leaving him, do you feel inspired? Do you feel ready to take on the world? Do you feel happy even if you’re sleep deprived? Or do you need a nap and a massage and a day in bed with movies?

What your answer tells you

If you answered yes to the first set of questions, then your guy boosts your confidence and your love of life! But if you feel drained of energy, he is probably negative, and drags you down.

Have you become more or less ambitious since being with him?

Since you got together, have you been pursuing your goals more or less?

What your answer tells you

If you’ve been pursuing your goals more with your man in your life, awesome! He helps you believe in yourself and he makes you excited about life and new experiences. If you have been pursuing them less then he probably doesn’t help you focus, or let you bounce ideas off of him. He probably sucks up all your mental energy.

How do you feel about your body with him?

Do you get anxious if you don’t work out every day? Do you feel guilty after eating dessert? Do you wear lots of loose clothes? Or, do you get excited about cooking and trying new food? Do you love to show off your curves? Do you love to walk around him naked?

What your answer tells you

If you’re feeling ashamed of your body, then your guy isn’t making you feel loved and fully accepted in the way he should! Even if you are a little overweight, when you’re with a guy who treats you right, you feel better about your body than ever.

How do you feel when you see his name on your phone?

Do you feel all warm and fuzzy and excited? Or do you feel anxious? Or annoyed?

What your answer tells you

If you feel warm and excited, then talking to your guy always gives you a boost. He probably makes you laugh and helps you remain positive about life. If you get anxiety, then he is probably very needy or perhaps gets angry a lot. If you feel annoyed, you’re just not that into him!

Do you have a lot of fun at parties without him?

Like, a blast? Like a better time than when he is there? Like he holds you back when he is with you?

What your answer tells you

If you have way more fun at parties without him than with him, he is probably too needy, perhaps jealous, doesn’t make enough effort with your friends and doesn’t let you feel free to do your thing!

Do you book trips without him?

Do you find yourself booking a lot of trips to visit friends and family and not inviting him?

What your answer tells you

It’s totally fine and even healthy to travel without your partner sometimes! But if you were really crazy about him, you would never book a trip without at least thinking about.

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