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11143151_922006084518035_1760220443930457999_nIt is Ghana Music’s biggest night, close to 17 million Ghanaians stay awake to watch the prestigious Ghana Music Awards and this is the night fans of various Artistes are on their ‘supporting libido,’ praying for more awards for their icons.

Last week Saturday was the 16th edition of Ghana music awards; 16 years hosting an event of such magnitude is enough to make any organization well prepared to make NO MISTAKE. Honestly, if a foreigner is watching for the first time and he/she is told this is the 3rd edition, he won’t doubt it. From afar, the event appeared on TV as if it was handled by amateurs in award ceremony.

The red carpet which was promised to start at “8 PM sharp” started in the early hours of 9; when will this ‘Ghana Man Time’ end? On the red carpet, two eloquent staffs of GH One, Amanda Jissih and Blackboi were given the responsibility to host the well-known names and the coordination from the hosts and the production crew weren’t even; D Black came from the auditorium to be hosted on the red carpet and it was shown on live TV amongst other unpardonable TV offenses.

Reggie Rockstone was interviewed on OC Showbiz Review last Saturday and he said he was at the Accra International Conference Center for sound check. Really, were the sounds checked prior to the event and how were they checked? The impression from far was that, the event was a Topsy-turvy kind of.

Nathaniel Attoh and curvaceous Joselyn Dumas handled the main events in the auditorium. The chemistry between two eloquent media personalities did not click. As if he was presenting his usual boxing events, Nathaniel Attoh was shouting, forgetting he is given a third party (PA system) to amplify his voice. Social media linked his loudness to constipated old woman. Joselyn Dumas who was confused as to what the next endeavor on the schedule was kept asking Nathaniel Attoh “Who is next, what is next?” such a clear indication that the host was clueless on the night. Even though her physique kept people glued to their TV sets, admiring her curves in awe but her delivery wasn’t the usual Joselyn Dumas people admire her for.

If No Tribe did not perform on the night, Stonebwoy would have won the hearts of many as the best performer. Personally, I could not rate who did best as to Stonebwoy and No Tribe but since many people choose No Tribe, I am convinced to believe the voice of the people is the voice of God.

If for anything I could praise Samini for, it is his amazing stage performance but as many posit, Samini did not look prepared or as if he did not rehearse with the live band before the night. And oh, why did Samini allow Kofi Kinaata to wear that to perform on such stage, the budding talent looked terribly dressed on the stage, Kinaata needs a stylist. And not even Samini could pay tribute to Ghetto KB, anyway!

The show could have been okay without performances from Patroranking and Yemi Alade. Though some section of the audience stood dancing to their songs, averagely, the ambiance as at when they were performing was totally boring!

The hailed ‘New Lords,’ Pappy Kojo and Joey B’s performance was not bad, but not for the Ghana music awards audience, most of them above 25 years could not relate well with the two ‘Realers.’ Their brand position suits the secondary schools and the tertiary students best so the audience found it difficult enjoying them ‘do their thing.’

Last year, the old school Artistes did so well and they were applauded as the best performers on the night. This year, Charter House repeating last year’s old school style brought Tic Tac and Tinny to thrill the audience. Tinny did amazing on the stage, “he is still a stage rocker undeniably.” Until Pappy Kojo and Joey B overwhelmingly jumped on stage to dance for Tinny, he was doing great on stage. The ‘Realers’ who enjoyed the Rapper joined him on stage and when Tinny asked Joey B “you say what?” Joey B said in the mic “you be god.” Tinny responded, “I no dey see them sef.” This response is being interpreted differently by viewers as to who exactly Tinny was addressing that to. On social media, some say Tinny ‘yawa’ed’ Joey B and Pappy Kojo, others say the two should not have joined him at all on stage.

“Daddy Lumba looks sick, is he ok,” a phrase that was chorusing on social media when Charles Kojo Fosu stepped on stage. Indeed, if anyone who has enjoyed the legend perform for some years watch him on the GMA stage, nothing else than asking if he is sick comes to mind. Daddy Lumba was below his usual great performance delivery.

The winners of the various categories except the ‘Hiphop Song of the year’ made sense. To me, this is so far the best deserving winners.

Ghetto KB, Comfort Anoor and Rev. Kusi were totally forgotten on the night which I find unbelievable. If I am to mark the award ceremony over 10, I would give them 3/10. If not for my readers and social media followers I was updating with proceedings of the ceremony, I would have said I wasted my time staying up late to watch the ceremony.

Author: Nana Kwesi Coomson ( @nkcoomson on Twitter



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