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1.5911570Hiplife grandpapa Reggie Rockstone has revealed something that has been eating him up almost two decades now.

Reggie disclosed this morning on Neat FM’s “Entertainment Ghana” hosted by Kwame Adjetia that Quophi Okyeame has been a hater and a snitch since the beginning of Hiplife in Ghana. Grandpapa said Quophi is not to be trusted because he was the brain behind a song Ex-Doe released to ‘diss’ him (Reggie) in the 90s and Quophi has been pretending all these years to be his friend and yet he stab him in the back.

Rockstone who was registering his disagreement with Quophi over a statement he (Quophi ) made on Facebook that Sarkodie is not the first Hiplife artiste to perform at the Apollo Theatre, said based on Quophi Okyeame’s past record of hating on his friends, he believes Quophi is hating on Sarkodie for no reason.

According Reggie Quophi Okyeame wrote the said song for Ex-Doe to ‘diss’ him and he (Quophi) has been playing innocent all these years.

“Even back in the days Quophi you were able to stab me in the back. You wrote a diss song for Ex-Doe against me and you are talking about distorting history? These are things that I have never said in public before. You see me you shake my hand; I hug you like my little brother from day one. The very arts form that make you popular I invented the name but yet you write a diss song behind me and you are telling me that I shouldn’t question your integrity? , Reggie asked describing Quophi Okyeame as Judas.

The Django bar CEO said he suspects Quophi Okyeame is hating on Sarkodie and pretending that he is correcting history based on what Quophi did to him in the past. Reggie stressed that Quophi made his statement at the wrong time and that is making him look like the hater he has always been.

“This is the reason why I am very suspicious of you and what you said about our little brother Sarkodie because you have done it to me before. So immediately I heard what Quophi said about Sarkodie’s Apollo theatre concert I knew he was jealous of Sarkodie”.

Reggie urged Quophi Okyeame to leave the young artistes alone to do their thing and encourage them and stop being jealous of them because his time past.

“Let the young artistes do their thing. We have done what we can in the past but this is their time so let’s support them and stop pulling them down”.


Quophi Okyeame Reacts…

On his part, Quophi couldn’t really deny writing the diss for Ex-Doe but he said back in the days they did all sorts of things to keep the Hiplife game alive.

“Those days we did all sort of things to keep the game going on. Period!!”

On his comment about Sarkodie not being the first Hiplife artiste to perform at the Apollo Theatre, Quopi still maintained his stands insisting that he will not side down for history to be distorted because as far as he is concern Akyeame was the first Hiplife artistes to mount the Apollo Theater stage about 16 years ago alongside Daddy Lumba.

He also denied having any personal grudge with Sarkodie adding that Sarkodie is the best Rapper in Ghana now and he plays Sarkodie’s songs on his radio drive time show on Rainbow Radio almost every day.

“I don’t have anything against Sarkodie, I don’t hate him and on what grounds would I be jealous of him? My time has passed and I understand that because for about 10 years now I have not released any commercial music. So I am not going use anybody’s shine for anything but the fact is if we are taking about Rappers who have performed at Apollo to a sold out crowd for the first time in the name of Ghana it is not Sarkodie”.



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