7 ways to avoid the awkward tension after an argument

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black-couple_arguing-634x336Arguments are never fun and the awkward tension after an argument is even worse.

The awkward silence refers to that period of #time after a big fight when neither you or your partner are mad at each other, when you are basically not annoyed anymore but neither of you seem to be able to snap back into reality.

This happens because you may wonder if your partner is still upset and neither of you wants to be the first to make #eye contact, to speak or to interrupt that awkward silence.

Here are 7 ways to avoid the awkward tension after an argument that you should consider:

1. Avoid arguing in the first place

Most of the fights are plain silly so if you want to avoid the awkward tension after an argument, try to avoid arguing in the first place.

When you talk to your significant other, try not to raise your voice and try to remain calm even if their behaviour annoys you.

Just take a deep breath and control your temper and you will manage to solve that problem in a healthier manner.

2. Don’t hold a grudge

Most of the time, that awkward tension after an argument appears because we don’t allow ourselves to let that disagreement go. Let go of your pride and don’t hold a grudge.

Make the decision to choose a positive mindset and do #everything in your power to make things better again between you and your significant other.

3. Don’t overanalyse the argument

Usually, after an argument, a lot of #people tend to feel the need to justify their reactions and they often examine or even overanalyze the root of the problem.

Try to avoid going over the causes of your disagreement too much and focus on returning to normalcy as quickly as possible.

4. Make a physical show of affection

If you want to get rid of that awkward tension after an argument, try to remember that sometimes, actions speak louder than #words.

Show your significant other that all is forgotten by displaying a gesture of #affection like a kiss or a hug to show them how much your love them and how much they mean to you.

5. Apologise and admit where you are wrong

We all can say all kinds of things in the heat of the moment and we may later regret those #words.

If you did something that offended your significant other, let go of your pride and apologise.

6. Break silences with a positive topic of conversation

Try not to let that awkward tension after a fight to go on longer than it has to. Just take a deep breath and pretend that nothing has happened.

Break that awkward silence with a positive topic of conversation; for example, you could talk about something you both enjoy.

7. Acknowledge the tension

After a fight, it’s kind of hard to tell whether your significant other is feeling as awkward as you or if they are still annoyed.

Just let them know that you are not upset anymore and that you want #things to get better between you two once again.

Try to always remember the consequences of fighting and avoid as much as possible to argue with your significant other.

Do you know any other ways to avoid the awkward tension after an argument? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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