Wisa needs libido test and psychological attention

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Ghanas-singer-Wisa-shows-his-manhood-on-stage-gets-ejectedI was sent the video of Wisa’s performance on ‘December to Remember’ stage where he showed his ‘baby’ penis by a Kenyan Colleague. She sent it with the comment ‘’Nana is this the average size of the Ghanaian man or this is exception? Lol.’’ Not only was I ashamed , I was very disappointed in what this promising star who has a hit record in Ghana could demonstrate on stage.

I came online to watch the full video and for the first time since I created my Facebook account, I had over 50 messages asking me if I have the video of Wisa’s performance. I had no other choice than to post it on my website www.233times.com and send them the link to increase my traffic. I had viewer’s discretion note attached and strictly warned that, it was for 18 years and above.

I found the video on Fiifi Adinkra’s social media (either Facebook or Twitter) and I watched the performance. That reminded me of an incident way back in University of Ghana where my very god friend Pyp (aliased for the purpose of anonymity) was dancing with a lady at the plush Pent Hostel during a birthday ‘drink-up’ where he ejaculated. As colleagues from Evandy Hostel who have travelled to the Pent Hostel for the drink-up, we were told by Pyp about his ejaculation as a result of dancing with the lady who was virtually naked. We laughed at Pyp throughout our 500 meters walk to the hostel.

Mocking of Pyp was because of his premature ejaculation and all of us wondered how long he would have lasted if the ‘real game’ happened. “Nobody go fi talk say he no go root if he dey twii (closely attached dancing with a lady) woman. That one di3 nobody, it’s rare” Nino (aliased too) posited. Another friend’s counter was that, “Sometimes you go feel say the thing wan rise but the truth be say not everyone go root. Me I twii more girls for portay I never root.” We started teasing the friend too for also having dead sexual desires.

What strikes me upon reflection is that, there should be a balance when one is closely dancing with a lady especially when you are firmly behind her and the only places your focus are on are the butt and hair, with your mind wondering what would happen if and only if both of you are left indoors to continue this without any ‘no’ answer or interruption.

What happened to Wisa should not be taken lightly. The dude has a problem. Either he was sedated by ‘the drug he took before performing’ (like people are saying) or he is seriously having sexual problem. Aside acting insane on that night, he also needs libido test.

Everything happens for a good reason, maybe this was to indirectly get help from herbal practitioners who could prescribe herbal medicine for the size and power of his thing. If you think there isn’t any problem, google ‘Wisa shows penis on stage’ and all the links that are coughed up by the search engine has adjectives like ‘small,’ ‘baby,’ etc that qualifies his penis.

Wisa, your apology is accepted and indeed MUSIGA needs to take punitive action to deter future ‘free shows’ but you need attention for this.

To the experts and experienced, I want to ask o, is it true there should have been power in his thing as he danced with the lady on stage?

Author: Nana Kwesi Coomson (www.233times.com) @nkcoomson on Twitter

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