Your boss always notices these 7 things about you

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25f8826f1201f92c44f4da86ba38825f_LNo matter what field you’re in — health, engineering, media, education, design, etc. — you (most likely) answer to a higher-up, and FYI, said higher-up is evaluating you daily. And not just your work.

Your boss notices a range of things about you, because her job is, well, to keep an eye on you. Whether you like it or not, here are the things she’s observing regularly. Pro tip: Work hard five days a week!

1. How early you arrive.

Are you getting to work at 8 a.m., 9 a.m., or 10? Different work cultures require different hours (some offices don’t even have a set arrival time), but if you’re strolling in at 11:30 every morning, there’s probably an issue. Take a cue from your co-workers and get to work around the same time they do.

2. . . . And how late you leave.

Again, you may not have a specified 9-to-5 shift, but reflect on the time you’re leaving work every day. Before your co-workers? After? Does it vary? Just make sure you’re not ducking out early Monday through Friday.

3. The way you dress.

How you present yourself is, and always will be, important at work. Note that the field you’re in (or where you live) dictates your dress code. Some offices are totally lax while others are strictly black slacks and blazers. This is another one where you should be taking cues from your colleagues and dressing (relatively) similarly.

4. How you’re using technology.

Are you actually making work calls on your iPhone, or are you chatting with your roommate about who’s making dinner tonight? It’s common sense, but you should be focusing your use of technology on work. Limit the Facebook check-ins!

5. The words you use.

This is fairly basic, but you really shouldn’t be cussing up a storm around your co-workers, inor out of the office. The stench of your potty mouth could reach the nose of your boss, and she might not like it.

6. If you’re fitting in.

How do you get along with your colleagues? Are you fitting in, or are you the odd one out? If you’re new, chances are that your edges haven’t quite squeezed into the intricate, 500-piece puzzle of your office. Attend work events. Round up your co-workers for happy hour. Your boss wants to see that you’re a good suit for the team.

7. How you manage your time.

Last but not least, are you managing your time well? Do you get things done efficiently and at the proper pace? Or do you linger on stuff that you shouldn’t? It’s important to prioritize and meet deadlines, always. After all, you’re there to work.





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