10 signs you have a great guy

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great guyBeing in a relationship is both wonderful and challenging at the same time. Who doesn’t want to be with that perfect man we saw in a fiction story? Your man is as perfect as you make him to be.

Both partners are to put in effort, hard work and time for a relationship to work. There are, however, some common qualities that make a great man.

Here are 10 signs you have a great boyfriend/ husband:

He communicates with you: He never takes the importance of communication lightly. He talks to you, listens to what you have to say and really tries to understand where you are coming from.

He knows when to talk and when not to. He can talk to you about anything and everything from his favourite sports shows to your favoruite reality tv.

He loves to spend time with you: He loves being around you. It doesn’t matter what you do together, as long as he gets to spend the time with you. He just genuinely enjoys having you as a company.

You can be staying home watching a silly romantic movie with chips and peanuts together or going to a restaurant you both love for a good dining experience together, as long as he is doing it with you, he would be happy.

He makes you smile and laugh: Who doesn’t love a man with a sense of humour? He surely knows how to be silly and funny at the right times.

He would crack a lame joke or do the funniest facial expression that makes you laugh so hard that you have a stomach pain. Seeing you smile makes him the happiest man alive.

He is supportive.: He stands by you through all your ups and downs. He’s always there to back you up no matter the situations. He supports you in every pursuit you attempt, and believes in your abilities more than anyone ever did.

There will be times when you doubted yourself, but he always ensures you with his love and support to build you back up, for you to keep moving forward.

He is willing to teach you what he knows.: He doesn’t believe that a man should always be the smartest or wisest in a relationship. He is willing to shower you with the knowledge he has accumulated throughout his life.

He would be honoured to share the knowledge he has, for you to utilise for your own benefits.

He is loyal.: Let’s be real. Every man has the right to appreciate beautiful things, and beautiful people. We love looking at good looking men too, don’t we?

However, a great boyfriend/husband is one who knows that no matter how many good looking women they enjoy looking at, there is only one woman who owns their heart.

The woman he owns will always be the most beautiful to him, inside and out, in his heart.

He acknowledges his mistakes.: He understands that he is only human, and he is prone to make mistakes.

He doesn’t deny when he makes mistakes, instead he admits to his faults and is willing to mend them as best he can.

He protects and cares for you.: He always makes sure of your safety. He would call to check on you to make sure you get to your destination safely.

He does his best to protect you from any harm. One of his top priority has been always to make sure you are well taken care of, physically and emotionally.

He understands you.: He knows what makes you tick. He understands you like no one ever could. It isn’t hard to figure out your favourite colour or ice cream flavour, but it is very hard to find someone who truly understands you in a deeper level.

He gets you and knows what matters to you. He knows what upsets you, and what makes you happy. He understands your values, and he knows your purpose in life.

He doesn’t see you any less than himself.: He acknowledges your strengths and talents. He doesn’t think that he is better than you in everything. He believes that you possess great qualities that are unique to your own.

He knows that you can achieve great things in life and makes sure you know that too. He is proud to call you his woman.


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