Spokespersons of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) have expressed skepticism about the programmes, saying they are mere charade to deceive Ghanaians.

NDC Members of Parliament (MP) led by Minority leader, Haruna Iddrisu said government will not get the needed funds given the abolishment of some of taxes.

But the Revenue Authority said it will be able to raise the requisite funds for government’s programmes.

Mr Kofi Nti said he will bolster the performance of staff by rewarding those who increase their client base.

Asked how the Authority will handle workers who aid companies to evade tax, he said they are drafting a policy that will weed them out of the system.

“We are adopting a policy such that such people are weeded out of the system and we scheming out strategies to make sure we get such people on camera,” he said.

He also said they will increase the award given informants such that anyone who provides information about such arrangement will get 25 percent of the money involved.