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ExcellenceSlide1If you have ever looked at the achievements of others and thought “Wow if only I can do that!”, or if you have ever wished that you can perform better, earn more money, make more friends, have better health, achieve higher level of success and so on, then this is just for you.

You are capable of all of that, everyone has all the potential in the world to do whatever it is they dream of or want, especially when you put your focus with determination on your goals, it’s easier to attain greater heights.

To achieve excellence, following these key principles of personal values will go a long way in bringing you to excellence:

Hunger for excellence

You need to have the zeal to achieve excellence. The emphasis here is on what ‘you’ want, not what others want. Make sure the goal is something you set for yourself because unless it is, chances are you do not really want it.

And if you do not want the goal badly enough, it does not matter what you try to do since the drive will not be there to keep you moving forward.

It is pointless to sign yourself up for something and put in less effort because you will just be wasting your time at the end.

Get out of comfort zone

When you are out of your comfort zone, you are already growing by default. Comfort zones are called comfort zones because it’s where you feel safe and comfortable.

 When you stay in an area of comfort, you subject yourself to things you have become accustomed to. A situation which leads to little or no growth.

On the other hand, if you move beyond that area of comfort, even by a little bit, you start facing things which you are not exposed to before.

The more uncomfortable you feel about something, the more it means you are growing.


Let your thoughts out on a sheet of paper or your screen, and use your journal as a place to reflect on your day, your progress in life and all observations from the day that might need to leave your mind so that you can relax.

Benchmark against the best

What is it you are working on? Who are the people who are the best in this area? What are the results they have achieved? Set your targets to the same level as their best results, or even higher if you are feeling up to it.

Go close to these people and find out how they were able to achieve so much, learn something positive and have no doubt that with time and much effort you will succeed.


Every goal needs a proper strategy and plan for it to come to life. Many people fail in their goals because they fail to follow-through with planning.

The bigger your goals, the more important that you invest proper time and dedication in building your plan.

Write your plans down and it should include how to devise your winning strategy, create a robust plan, execute it and review.

Work hard

With every success, comes hard work. Without hard work, you cannot achieve results.

People who try to find the easy way out are kidding themselves if they think they can achieve excellence without putting in hard work.

 If you observe around you, the people who seek out ‘get-rich-quick’ methods are also the very people who do not achieve much in their lives.

Hard work is the universal quality that will pay off in the long-term. Once you invest the due time and effort, the results will start coming in.

Focus your efforts

Once you have finished trying out every single thing that you can see, now focus your efforts in the areas which bring you the most results.

With this, you will utilise your efforts more effectively, which can be subsequently channeled into more value-added activities.

Never give up

There is no failure except in no longer trying.  Do not ever give up. Remember that defeat never occurs unless you accept it as defeat.

 If a certain problem is too big for you to handle, break it down into smaller pieces so it’s easier for you to tackle them.

As long as you keep trying, you will eventually achieve your goal.


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