If Mahama can’t forgive Ayisi Boateng then his “hypocrisy is legendary” – Kamal-Deen

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The National Nasara Coordinator of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Kamal-Deen Abdulai has stated that comments made by Former President Mahama on the George Ayisi Boateng saga is hypocritical and smacks of someone who has still not recovered from a heavy electoral defeat.

According the NPP Nasara Coordinator, “if Mr Mahama who accepted ‘terrorists’ into our country on “compassion grounds” says he cannot forgive a Ghanaian who has apologized for a ‘wrong done’ then the former president’s hypocrisy is legendary“.

Mahama brought terrorists to this country illegally. When Ghanaians raised their voice, he looked us in the face and told us to be Christians and Muslims enough to accept those terrorists. What happened to ‘his Christian’ beliefs?” Kamal-Deen quizzed.

It would be recalled that Former President Mahama when he was responding to questions on the decision to bring into the country two Guantanamo Bay ex-detainees in January, 2016 said “we must also look at the side of compassion.”

The former president questioned the Christian values of Ghanaians and pleaded for compassion for the two ex-Gitmo detainees. “…where is our Christian passion or where is our faith based compassion for people…?” Mr. Mahama asked.

But Kamal-Deen who obviously could not understand the stance of the ex-president on the Ayisi Boateng saga quizzed, “So when did those Christian values and the compassion of Mahama fly into oblivion? Is it because he lost the elections?”he quizzed.

Shielding Corrupt Officials

Kamal-Deen Abdulai, who is also aspiring to become the next National Youth Organiser of the ruling party, asked when exactly Mr Mahama sacked any of his appointees for erring. 

When clear cases of thievery were brought to the attention of Mahama, he rather cuddled those corrupt appointees and sent them to his bosom. His response to the duping of this country by the Brazil criers was to send them to his bosom and cuddle them. Who did he sack? When some 155 journalists from over 40 media organisations across the country, petitioned President Mahama to demand sanctions against his staffer, Mr. Stan Dodge for assaulting Mr. Yahayah Kwamoah, a journalist with the state-owned Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), not a cough was heard from Mahama“, he stated.

Kamal-Deen said he feels “ashamed as a Northerner that a Northern brother who hails from a strong Christian and Muslim home could be this hypocritical because of politics.” 

Must we lose our values because of cheap propaganda and politicking? He rhetorically asked.

Ghanapost GPS Vrs SSNIT Software

A livid Kamal-Deen who was responding to some of the things said by the former president at Cape Coast during the NDC’s ‘Unity Walk’ said President Mahama’s comment on the Ghana post GPS and silence on the SSNIT Software saga again smacks of dishonesty on his part.

Under your watch, this country was robbed a whopping $72million and you see nothing wrong with that?”

Kamal-Deen however asked Ghanaians to exercise patience and understand the former president because ‘he has still not recovered from his 44.4% defeat”. 

“If you are dealt with a heavy blow that lands you flat on the floor and you are struggling to get up, every available air becomes a weapon in your sight“, he derisively said.



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