Top 20 benefits of lemon juice for health and beauty

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If you want to get healthier and look even more beautiful than you already do, you need more lemons in your life.

As the saying goes, if life gives you lemons – make lemon juice.

Lemons are recommended by all the top health experts and dieticians because they’re absolute babes that deliver a million health and beauty benefits (okay 20). They’re cheap to buy, tasty and lemon juice is super duper easy to make. You literally have no excuse for not adding more of it to your life.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these…

Lemon juice can prevent cancer

Let’s face it, cancer is a terrible thing. Known as The Big C, it’s downright nasty and can tear families apart.

The thing is that cancer can sometimes be avoided if you make better lifestyle choices. While it can still be a bit of a lottery whether you develop it or not, making better lifestyle choices means that the odds will be more in your favour.

For example, while drinking lemon juice on the regular won’t totally guarantee that you’ll never get cancer, what it will do is reduce your risk. This is because lemons themselves contain flavonoid compounds that protect your system from various cancers. Therefore, it figures that the more lemon juice you drink, the more cancers will be prevented. Yay!

Lemon juice looks after your stomach

Urgh, if there are three guarantees in life, they are death, taxes and upset stomachs.

For some of us, upset stomachs occur more than seems normal or fair. The thing is, while the body definitely is afflicted unfairly at times, an upset stomach is often the result of poor decision making when it comes to your diet.

The good news is that, just as a poor diet can cause bloating, excess gas and diarrhoea, a better diet can improve your symptoms and reduce the frequency of an upset tummy.

Lemon juice works wonders for upset stomachs. If your stomach is ever feeling under the weather, just start adding a glass of lemon juice to your daily routine.

Lemon juice is good for your liver 

Admit it, you take your liver for granted. Many of us do! Indeed, the only time we really think about our liver is before a night out in advance when we write on Facebook that our liver is going to hate us tonight!

While we might jest about that, the health of your liver is a serious subject. Far too many of us don’t realise the amount of vital roles that are liver performs, and that if we don’t give it some help it will break down on us.

And when your liver – over taxes and over stressed – breaks down, you’ll really feel it. You’ll feel fatigued all the time, headaches will become worse and your skin will look awful. Not cool at all.

The good news is that assisting your liver is as simple as eating and drinking better. Adding a glass of lemon juice to your morning routine requires zero effort from you but helps your liver out by flushing out nasty toxins that have built up in your system overnight.

Lemon juice cleans your skin

This benefit stopped you in your track, didn’t it?!

Any woman alive on the planet cares about their skin. Our skin is our largest organ that’s visible to everyone. When we don’t live a balanced lifestyle, it reflects in our skin, which starts to age prematurely and loses its glow.

Because skin is so important to our confidence, it’s always a good idea to add different beauty treatments to your daily or weekly regiment. Applying lemon juice topically to your skin works as a natural skin cleanser. Just apply it directly a few times a week to eliminate stretch marks, skin discolouration, dark spots and other kinds of blemishes.

For a more effective treatment,combine lemon juice with honey.

Lemon juice helps with infections

Infections are a nightmare because, no matter how vigilant you’ve been at taking the necessary precautions, they just seem to happen regardless.

And as anyone who’s had a nasty infection can tell you, infections can get terribly nasty indeed.

The thing is that, if someone has more frequent infections than others, it’s usually because their immune system is weaker. While this isn’t cool, the good news is that you can strengthen your immune system via your diet. Lemon juice aids your immune system so that you’re able to fight infections faster, and it also strengthens it so that your body is able to kill an infection before it’s had a proper chance to take hold.

So the next time you get the flu or any other kind of infection, put yourself on a diet of lemon juice.

Lemon juice freshens your breath  

If you care about beauty, you’ll care about your breath.

While few of us suffer from actual bad breath, the problem is that many people across the world do suffer from some sort of gum disease, whether mild or severe. And it’s gum disease that can wreak havoc with your breath, creating bacteria that causes that horrible smell.

Fortunately, lemon juice can help you out here. Lemon juice is able to relieve bad breath, and it can even relieve other oral issues, such as tooth ache.

For best results, brush your teeth BEFORE you drink lemon juice, and never after.

Lemon juice can help you lose weight Weight

If you’re on a mission to lose weight at the moment, you’re probably wondering what to have for breakfast. Whatever you decide to have, the best way to kick start your morning routine is by drinking a fresh glass of lemon juice.

Why? As well as clearing nasty toxins out of your system that have built up overnight, lemon juice contains a good amount of pectin fibre. This benefits you because fibre creates a feeling of fullness that will prevent you from overeating in the morning.

Don’t stop there but aim to drink a few glasses of lemon juice throughout the day.

Lemon juice strengthens your nails

Who doesn’t like strong, beautiful nails to go along with their glowing, healthy skin?

For women everywhere, looking after their nails is an important part of their beauty regime. As you know, nails can too easily become weak and brittle – and they can break.

In case you didn’t realise it, what you eat plays a large part in how your nails look and feel.

If someone has strong nails, you know they’re eating lots of quality protein!

At the same time, there are other way to preserve the vitality, health and strength of your nails.

For example, you could massage real lemon juice onto your nails to give them their brightness back while restoring their health. This might seem like some sort of wacky, new age thing at first – but try it and see if it doesn’t work!

You could also soak your nails in lemon water for even better results.

Lemon Juice is good for hypertension  

No one really worries about hypertension until they’re diagnosed with it.

In fact, you can bet your bottom dollar that most people don’t even know what hypertension is. It’s just now as well known, or as feared, as cancer and heart disease.

The thing is that hypertension can act as a precursor to heart disease and it can cause you some major problems. It can definitely upset the quality of your life.

There are various causes of hypertension but it’s almost always caused by poor lifestyle choices. For example, people who don’t consume enough potassium are at an increased risk.

The good new is that you can get your potassium fix from lemon juice, which contains a satisfactory amount of the nutrient.

Want to reduce your risk of cardiovascular problems? Drink more lemon juice.

Lemon juice prevents dandruff and a dry scalp

No woman alive wants dandruff or a dry scalp. If you’re suffering from one or the other (or both), relieve your symptoms by drinking lemon juice each day. Its antioxidants are just what your scalp needs!

Lemon juice boosts hair growth

Worried that your hair isn’t as strong as it used to? It’s scary when our hair starts to fall out in great chunks. Add a glass of lemon juice to your beauty regime so that your hair grows back at a better rate.

Lemon juice eases respiratory problems

If you suffer from respiratory problems, life can really suck sometimes. Being lost for breath is just horrible and it can really affect the quality of youWhile we’re not saying that lemon juice is guaranteed to wipe out all your respiratory woes, it certainly has the potential to clear them right up and therefore make your life so much easier.

Whether you suffer from asthma or mild bronchial problems, drinking a few glasses of lemon juice each day can make you feel a whole lot better, both physically and mentally.

Lemon Juice is a Natural Detoxifier

Who’s in need of a detox?

If you just said ‘not me’ quite proudly, we’ve got some news for you – everyone is in need of a detox from time to time, even the hottest celebrities.

Yep, even the lovely Selena Gomez will need a detox at some point!

Whether via your diet or the environment, toxins have a habit of finding their way into your body. And when toxins build up in your system, you start to feel pretty lousy. Your skin sucks and you feel rundown.

This is your body’s way of telling you that it needs a detox, girl.

One of the easiest ways to purify your blood (which is essentially what a detox is) is to drink a glass of lemon juice each morning.

Lemon juice shows down the ageing process 

‘I can’t wait to age!’

Said no one ever.

‘I know right. I just wish I could age faster, sigh.’


Here’s the deal: you don’t want to age quickly (you most likely don’t want to age at all). So what you need to start doing is drinking more lemon juice because its powerful antioxidants do a grand job of repairing damaged skin cells.

Lemon juice is an effective antibacterial agent

Because lemon juice is such a powerful antibacterial agent, it can help to treat the likes of a sore throat and tonsillitis.


Lemon juice boosts renal function 

Not urinating often enough?

Sorry, that was a personal question. But the fact is that a healthy renal system is very important and you need to do all that you can to look after it.

Like with many things, it all starts with taking better care of your diet.

See, while you can’t do a whole lot to prevent environmental toxins from entering your system, what you can do is improve your diet so that you’re able to eliminate them better.

Drink more lemon juice to improve the health of your renal system and increase your rate of urination.


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